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Minor spattering of info

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Not much to say, and not much to show, but I haven't posted in several weeks so I figure I need to post something.

I've been running some tests using SFML and OpenGL, to see what kind of framerates I could get when drawing my 2D tiles (the results of the performance results are still inexplicably low), and in doing so, I confusedly ended up with some weird OpenGL mistakes from mixing up by the order that the vertices were supposed to go in:

Posted Image

Being new to GLSL (and OpenGL in general), I was playing around with getting my existing color blending algorithms working with OpenGL shaders:

Posted Image

Anyway, eventually (after heatedly interrogating other GDNet members in the chat room) I realized (okay, fine, "admitted I was wrong and acknowledged" Posted Image) that I didn't actually need to use GLSL shaders to achieve the results I wanted:

Posted Image

But, I do need to use GLSL shaders to use one texture as the alpha mask for another texture. Posted Image
I thought there would be built in OpenGL functions for that, for sure.

It took me several days to trick SFML into letting me do that, by intermingling OpenGL function calls and GLSL shaders and depending on SFML implementation details:

Posted Image

That's a rotated texture that has been flipped horizontally, with a independently rotated and/or flipped texture applied as the alpha channel.

If you came here expecting artwork... I haven't really worked on much recently. Posted Image
Today I did make some pottery and jewelry boxes, but that's about it for the past several weeks!
Posted Image

Oh, as mentioned in my previous dozen or so journal entries, you now have the great privilege of following me on twitter! *waits expectantly for the world to burst into rejoicing*
Posted Image

*still waiting expectantly*

Jan 02 2014 11:13 PM
you defiantly got a follow from me SotL. also, love the profile pic=-)
Jan 03 2014 11:29 AM

Thanks! Sent a follow request to you as well. =)


My profile pic is three years outdated, I need to take a new one - I still have the mustache, but now I have a beard like a half-crazed mountain man (!) and shoulder-length hair. I really need to do something with the beard...

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