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Inwhich I post some artwork to gaze upon...

art pixelart tileart
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Inwhich I post some artwork to gaze upon...
...wistfully longing for them to actually be within the game world itself.

Been sick/busy/occupied for awhile with non-programming things, but I've still gotten some art done here and there over the past few weeks.

Got a NAS with x2 1TB Western Digital Red drives stuck in it (as a single RAID1 drive) for backup purposes. I like Western Digital; they give good prices, high quality (in my inexperienced opinion) harddrives, backed by good no-hassle warranties.
(For you non-english speakers, my internet is a bit rusty but I think the correct translation is: "Western Digital is a pretty cool guy. tEhy gives goud deal and and doesnt afraid of anything.")

Anyway, artwork, yes.

Cliff walls:
Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Planter boxes:
Posted ImagePosted Image (and several more plant variations)

Roofing shingles:

Posted Image
Paving stones:

Posted Image

Brick wall:

Posted Image

Feb 10 2014 08:15 AM

I'm not sure I understand the gradient alpha fade to the right of the images?

Is the right section of the texture a duplicate with half of it faded?

Is this for transitions?

Feb 10 2014 02:03 PM

No, I guess it's just a dumb attempt to keep people from taking the artwork (because it's oh-so-fantastically high quality rolleyes.gif).


Doesn't make much sense. Fixed it. smile.png


The cliff step/ladder thing has alpha gradient to blend better with the cliff wall, though. That's supposed to be there.

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