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Shadowing and lighting my RPG's walls

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I was trying to figure out some some shadowing stuff, and so put this image together for my own benefit, and then figured I'd post it here and share it with anyone interested.

Here's how I'm shading and lighting the walls for my game.

Posted Image

I was considering using Screen or Additive blending for the light, and Multiply or Subtractive for the purple shadowing, but since I have the overlays so low in transparency, it seemed regular alpha blending had the light and shadow coloring showing up better better.

While it technically doesn't make sense for there to be arbitrary lighting on one end of the wall and arbitrary shading on the end, it adds more "life" to the wall, I feel, making it look less flat. And, as an artist friend was saying to me, 'The artistic rules with lighting is basically that you get to make it up, because what with light scattering and light rays bouncing around everywhere, you can pretty much just do whatever looks good and get away with it.' (paraphrased)

With lighting, you can just cheat as long as it doesn't stand out so badly that it draws people's eyes to it. With this wall being in the midst of a scene with many things to look at, the subtle lighting at the ends won't be too noticeable, but will still add to the overall visual aesthetics.

Probably, maybe, hopefully? Posted Image

Jul 03 2014 10:24 AM

That looks great.  I couldn't agree more about the lighting.  Coming from a fascination of cinematography techniques, my opinion is to make it look awesome.  I still light things in-game based on my first film class in the 90s -- I use a Key, Fill, and Backlight on anything important!

Aug 11 2016 02:26 AM

I'm impressed by the graphic that shows how to understand the whole shading process. A very nice touch.

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