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RPG Project - Post 3

Posted by , in RPG Project 14 December 2012 - - - - - - · 934 views

Mostly just wanted to post a screenshot of what I currently have.

Attached Image

The purple terrain colour is temporary and the black empty space will likely be replaced with some sort of skybox. But the basic idea for how things will look is all there.

I've replaced the green snark character I was using as a place holder with a human character. This is actually the best human sprite that I have ever drawn which may seem a little ridiculous given how simple it is. But I plan on having it so that you can change the colour of the skin, shirt, and shoes to various textures. And in a paper doll sort of fasion, I also have some bits and pieces I'm thinking can be used for some facial features that the player will be able to select from resulting in characters that look like these.
Attached Image Attached Image

The blue circles are the hands. I'm thinking they'll be sort of free floating to allow for a wider range of hand motions without having to worry about animating arms. Maybe not blue though.

But that's all a ways off as I'm still working on the game world. Until now, I didn't really have an appreciation for how quickly memory can get used up when you're working with a 3d array of objects and you start adding data members. But I think I have the beginnings of a system that I'll be able to use to add and position objects in the world. That would be all the flowers in the first screenshot. It doesn't look like much but there's actually 14k flowers scattered across the surface of the world. It may very well be that this is the beginning of running into a memory management wall that makes further progress impossible but I'm actually pretty optimistic as all the flowers didn't add significantly to the memory that's used. When I'm happy having enough basic plants I'll look at adding critters of some sort which I hope will make the world feel more alive.

Probably will be quite awhile before I get much more done, what with the holiday season and all.

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