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In addition to my developer journal, one of the things I've been using my personal website for was as a repository for some reviews for various flash games that I've played on my lunch break. I had gotten tired of seeing useless and immature comments from other players and thought that I'd do quick write ups on anything I've played. I've suprised myself with the number of games that I have actually tried over the past year. I never realised that I played as many casual games as I have.

Anyways, I'm thinking that I'll make a point of placing a copy of any new reviews that I write on this blog as well. At least until I figure out a better format than what I have on my personal site. Most of the games themselves are hostesd on the same website. I'm not really partial to any one site over another but I'm not familiar with too many that have a good supply of flash games that are safe to play at work. If anyone knows of any and would like to share a link, please let me know.

Past reviews here.


By: ArmorGames.com
Played 2011-01-07 on Addictinggames.com
K. Helfenstein - 2011-01-13

I found this to be a pretty cool game and a nice way to start off the new year. And though I don't usually comment about music, I have to say that it in this case I think it really had an influence on how much fun I had playing this game. The game itself involves repeatedly launching a paper airplane to make its way accross, what would seem to be small version of the globe (1km from Britain to France somehow doesn't seem accurate). On the way, collecting stars earns money to purchase upgrades that enable steering or thrust or other bonus type things.

Will I play it again?
Probably a bit more. At least until I finish the game and maybe a bit after that. Like I said, I think the music helps make it fun or at least for me added to the enjoyment. There are a number of similarities in this game to other games like Hedgehog Launch or other shoot for distance type of games, but I think Flight manages to stand up on its own.

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