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Some experiments with island generation

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This month I've been playing around with JTippetts' Accidental Noise Library to try and get some semblance of a world generator started that I'm happy with. It's been pretty fun to play with and so far, I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to piece together(though not done experimenting yet). I think originally I found the Lua code that he had posted in his journal somewhat intimidating but when I finally noticed the C++ example he had on the Basic Concepts page of his website, I got the courage up to give it a shot.

After a few tries on my own I had some results that I liked much better than what I got from a mid-point displacement test project I tried earlier this year. Not that I thought that mid-point displacement was a bad way to go, it's just that the ANL library made it quite a bit easier to process and add to the data in different ways without having to write and test something on my own. Sortta the whole point of using a library, really.

(attempt at mid-point displacement result)
Attached Image

(after some attempts using ANL)
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The results I had come up with were alright but still seemed a bit off so this week I took a stab at following the Lua code that Joshua posted here and rewriting it in C++. I have to say that after working with the library in C++ I can see the advantages the Lua code provide; although personally I'm not quite prepared to dive into using Lua just yet. Anyways, I stopped about half way through his code where he starts on the colorization of the map. Although going on to add the colour would've been cool, at that point it was possible to see the basic results which was what I really wanted to see.

(results following JTippetts' source (minus the colorization) )
Attached Image

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with any of this yet or if it'll actually mean that I'll have a completed game project done at some point but having the tools to get a world together a little easier is very nice to have. Maybe I should look for more libraries for other stuff.

Oh, and a quick thanks to JTippetts for making his library available.

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