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Lost in the Catacombs of Game Development

4: Adsense

Explosive Shell: Development Update

After one month of development on Explosive Shell, the main engine components are finally in place. I reworked the inputMgr, screenMgr and sceneMgr completely. I have given some thought into the objectMgr I currently have in place and I think I may rework this to be component based rather then entity based through polymorphism. I would also then be design...

Explosive Shell finally under development

Finally after a few years of thought, I am finally able to work on a project i have dubbed Explosive Shell. The game is a top down space shooter which is putting a new spin on space combat. Taking influences from league of legends, Asteroids and touhou I am hoping that this project will be fun to develop and play! I will be adding an entry  to my jounal r...

It has been a long road

I am going to be cliche when I say it has been quite a while since I have posted any updates; Sadly, it's true. My Junior year of college has, up to this point in time, been so overwhelming difficult that I have not been able to keep up with the little things that I used to enjoy very much. However, In my time away, myself and two of my really...

Scripting system - The development of the Parser from hell

So I decided that I was going to start working on the scripting system for a FPS project my friend and I are working. I said hey, this should be relatively easy, at least until I started the project. . . Lets continue.

My thoughts that went into creating the scripting system.

Step1: Create a linked list class in which I could store all the script...

Workable FPS Camera System template

I was sitting in my common room and came up with an idea for a workable camera system controlled by the mouse and WASD keys. I know that this is probably a basic technique used in all FPS games but I just want to put this down.

Step 1:

Create a method to poll the X and Y coordinates of the mouse

Step 2:

Reset the Mouse to the center screen position...