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It has been a long road

Posted by , 29 November 2011 · 530 views

I am going to be cliche when I say it has been quite a while since I have posted any updates; Sadly, it's true. My Junior year of college has, up to this point in time, been so overwhelming difficult that I have not been able to keep up with the little things that I used to enjoy very much. However, In my time away, myself and two of my really good friends have been working on a video game project for one of our computer science courses. We have come a LONG way since the start of the semester in September and I would like to acknowledged the project and the many hours we have put into the development of this project to get it to the state it is currently in.

We have dubbed our temporary union of development team broFist. The project we are working on is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer. I will not go into story or mechanics just yet but, I the project is programmed in C# with XNA game studio. Check out some quick screenshots in the slide show below. Bigger and better quality screenshots will be added later.