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Designing: The Game and Its Content

4: Adsense

Naming Techniques

I suppose I had better cover naming techniques before I move on from worldbuildng to plot. Fortunately naming is one of the easiest, most mechanical and formulaic tasks in worldbuilding.

There are 5 kinds of names:
'Real' Names - Look in your phone book or a baby name book.
Meaningful English Names - Usually these are a noun, such as: pearl,...


Back to our circle of story elements:
characters - character dynamic - plot - atmosphere - wordbuilding - then back to characters again.

Having covered the basics of character and character dynamic yesterday, we can now slide around the ring to either plot or worldbuilding. Again, this is a matter of your orientation as a writer - I have a lot more...

Designing Characters

As I said before, there's no best order in which to create the various elements of a story; if anything, they all have to be created together because they all affect each other. Also, it depends on what kind of writer you are.

There is a theory of writing called the Circle of Story Elements. It states that there is a circle of 5 story elements that...

Designing the Story

At this point in your game design process you, if you are a writer, or your writer partner should begin designing the story to fit with your features wishlist. (The lead programmer should also be planning out how to program these features at this point.) Why am I putting the story at the very beginning of the design process like this? Is it just because,...

Gimmick and Story

Well okay, since nobody has requested any other genre descriptions, I'll move on. If you are using this journal as a how-to for starting your game design, you have presumably now chosen your gameplay genre and worked up a features wishlist. Is any of these a brilliant original feature that you thought up previously? If so, you may already have a...