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Designing: The Game and Its Content

4: Adsense

Designer's Statement of Purpose for WildWright MMO Concept

Since yesterday I have been working on developing a new game idea. Well, a few fragments of this concept existed already, as can be seen in this thread from 2011 and another from 2012:

I could probably...

Ranching Type Pet Breeding Games: Viva Pinata and Plant Tycoon

A ranching game is a pet game where the player owns property and infrastructure which are used to produce pets. It is a close relative to farming games where the player owns property and infrastructure to produce crops; the well-known game series Harvest Moon combines these two types of games.By my estimate, ranching games are the second most popular type...

Pet Game Design Related Thoughts Copied From VPL

These are three older entries copied (with a bit of editing) from my equivalent of this developer journal over on the Virtual Pet List forum.  I'm copying them here because I wanted to follow up with the new one I just wrote, and they probably should have been copied here in the first place because they're about game design.  I make no guarantee that they...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part END

X. Finale: An overview of the game development process and how the design document is used during this process. 1. Revise –  Theoretically you now have the first two parts of a game design document: a statement of purpose and a features list. Look them over for any inconsistencies or missing information and fix that if you can, or mark it (I use bright re...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 14

14. GUIs and Controls, Game Modes and Context-Sensitive Behavior GUI stands for graphical user interface . Borders, icons, menu bars, mouse cursors, font(s), the title screen, the credit screen(s), the help/about screen(s), trading and shop interfaces, pop-up menus, tool tips, any backgrounds which are solid colors or gradients rather than artwork, etc. a...