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4: Adsense

Forum or Against 'em

It's 1:30 A.M. in California, and I just got the contract signed and sent off to the skin designer. We're going to have default IPB for a few more weeks around here. The guy I hired has a lot of previous experience working with IPB, so he should be able to come up with something nice. We're going to stay at the current version of...


Art Pipeline Nearly Done

The asset tree in the Leadwerks Engine 3 editor has a preview window so you can preview all your assets. The preview window lets you pan, rotate, and zoom models, materials, and textures. There's no lighting right now, so the preview looks pretty flat. The final version will have directional lighting at a 45 degree...


OSX Stuff

Here's an excerpt from my correspondence with my OSX (and maybe iOS) developer. I think it's interesting that I am now doing a large part of my "coding" in MS Office. It's a little different because I am defining behavior for a system I myself do not know all specifics of, but that's his job. Just a change from the...