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Import Model Scaling

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Import Model Scaling I got tired of rescaling some models every time I created a new instance of them in the Leadwerks 3 editor, so I added an option to resize the model file itself to the proper dimensions. Double-click the model thumbnail in the asset browser to open it in the model editor. Then select the Tools > Resize menu item. The Resize Model dialog will appear with options to scale by a percentage, or fit to a specific size. For convenience, you can choose the units to use, including centimeters, meters, inches, and feet. Press OK, then save the model, and you will never have to rescale it in the editor again.

You can also drag a material into the model editor and drop it on the surface you want to assign it to. When you resave the model, that material will be saved in the new model file. This makes it really simple to assign any pesky missing materials you might encounter when importing a new model.

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