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Leadwerks 3 Update Brings Rendering Enhancements to Mobile

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An update for Leadwerks 3 has been released, bringing new graphical enhancements to mobile games. Building on the efficient art pipeline and user-friendly tools of Leadwerks 3, the engine now supports projected shadows for characters and other dynamic objects. This technique works by casting a shadow onto the surrounding world geometry, to provide real-time shadows that run fast on all platforms.

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To enable dynamic shadows on a single object, just select it in the editor and choose the new "Dynamic" option in the "Cast Shadows" property. You can also do this in code by calling Entity::SetShadowMode(Light::Dynamic).

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Leadwerks 3 has also gotten a visual upgrade with the addition of post-processing effects. In Leadwerks 2, all post-processing effects like volumetric light scattering, screen-space ambient occlusion, depth-of-field, and bloom were hard-coded. That is, they were written into the core engine and it was difficult to customize the renderer. Leadwerks 3 has added a new command, Camera::AddPostEffect(), which allows the user to attach a shader right to a camera, to automatically render post-processing effects.

Leadwerks is a fast and flexible development platform for building mobile games with native code. You can download a 30-day trial version on the website here.

May 09 2013 03:23 PM

I approve of this

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