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Just Let It Trickle

4: Adsense

Detailing the Hookers – Underneath the Sheets

We all need ideas. Whether you've just finished something, or are getting a little bit bored with your current project you can't help but let your mind drift to the next cool thing you'll create. Sometimes the ideas come thick and fast, other times they're like gold dust. When I'm in the second camp, and reading the various boards I...

Detailing the Hookers

Sorry to crush your hopes but this isn't a post about my new job as a prostitute army drill sergeant. Nope, it's just another post of me shilling my wares.

In some distant part of the mists o'time, I wrote a little tool who purpose was to report pending messages and other misc...

DLL - Demystifying Loader Lapses

DLL hell isn’t just the name given to managing monstrous dependency chains. It’s also the name given to the phenomenon of pulling your hair out because LoadLibrary is returning NULL or because your dotNet app is throwing lots of System.DllNotFoundExceptions. The usual statement Windows gives as witness to these crimes is ‘Module not found’ as if it...

U-A-Ceen Nothing Yet

Detecting whether UAC is enabled or not is something I've never needed to do. I can't really see how it can affect anything you architect one way or another but nevertheless, some people think it's necessary and nice to know.

While investigating something else, I stumbled across a more accurate method of making the determination as opposed to...

100% Apple Approved

Yep, I'm now on iTunes and further reducing the Gamedev's journals' 'hit to miss ratio of useful-ity' at the same time. My place on iTunes isn't in any technical sections, heck no. I do have a hackintosh set up but after it took me 10 minutes to figure out where the off button was, the idea that I'm currently not in any position...

Watching the Windows Go By

No, it's not an Andy Williams inspired poem, it's actual pictures of the thing I've been working on. Imagine that.

Enter WindowWatcher:
Posted Image

It's a single window, that displays another single window, keeping it on top. Great for...

Alternative Valentines Poem 2011 – The Slippery Slope

It happens to be that time again, where all the loved up people get all mushy with their sentimental I love you’s. Just like Christmas though, there are no doubt some people who have a distaste for all that jazz.

So here's something I do every year, and that's write a poem that's not in the least bit mushy or about loving someone, but it is...

You Don't Get This On MSDN

What do you get when you combine C#, C++/CLI, Access 2003, VirtualBox, a few ISOs and too much free time?

You get a 345MB database of the complete API and dependency history of 32-bit Windows. Yep, every OS module from Win95 onwards has had its imports, exports, and selected PE header info extracted and committed to a handy-dandy Access 2000 format...

WMI'm Going Speed Dating

There's tonnes of example on how to use SWbemDateTime to convert from FILETIME's or CDates in VBScript, yet I couldn't find any for C++. So here's how...

All WMI queries that give or take datetime values, do so in a certain format called...

Undefined Behaviour - Star Trek Style!?

We all know that stepping over array bounds is easily managed in C and C++. So much so that the C standard library has a function, gets, which may as well be named 'cause_buffer_overflow'. The consequences of overflowing a buffer are also understood, pretty much anything can happen. To demonstrate just how serious this can be, I’d like to relay...