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Watching the Windows Go By

4: Adsense

No, it's not an Andy Williams inspired poem, it's actual pictures of the thing I've been working on. Imagine that.

Enter WindowWatcher:
Posted Image

It's a single window, that displays another single window, keeping it on top. Great for watching stuff like TV or Youtube playlists in a small corner of your workspace while working in the rest of it. It's also great for tasks that would otherwise require flicking back and forth between windows, reading documentation and key tapping in the IDE for instance.

As you can see from above, you can zoom into specific areas, repeatedly if so desired. After that you can resize the window to blow up that specific portions way beyond normal size:
Posted Image

Of course, passive viewing by itself isn't brilliant. To address this WindowWatcher allows interaction too, anything you could do with the mouse and keyboard in the original window you can do via it. Posting to Twitter or Facebook, STFW-ing and faffing with WMP playlists being my current poisons:

Posted Image

Topping it off there's a simple plugin API for those stubborn windows which don't react normally to window messages.

Those windows better watch out, there's a new stalker in town.

Feb 24 2011 05:46 PM
Really cool it is like picture in picture for the PC. Keep up the awesome work sadly I won't be able to use it unless you port it to Mac.

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