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WindowWatcher is Here

4: Adsense

Way back in the mysts o' tyme I told a tale of a little picture-in-picture / interactive zoom tool I was working on. Well, a whole year and 4 months later I got round to fixing the buggy bits and wrote some help pages. Now it's ready for public consumption as an Installer, or just a Zip.

It's simple to use. You pick an open window
Posted Image

And you get another window (optionally always on top) that displays th chosen windows' live client area:
Posted Image

From there you can interact with the source window just as you would the real one with mouseover effects, button clicks etc But that's a bit boring, and with large windows the contents are all small like, so what you can do is select an area
Posted Image

and be zoomed into that
Posted Image

Then you can resize the window to enlarge or reduce the size of the content
Posted Image

Finally, because it'd be rude not to, you can still interact with the now zoomed and enlarged content
Posted Image

If you prefer to see it in moving action, I whipped up an 'ad' on my first go round last year.


It requires Windows Vista, 7, or 8 and Aero to be enabled and that's about it. It weighs in at about 150K soaking wet and uses a whopping 1.5MB of memory, so if it looks useful, have a go with it.

Installer, Zip.

Jun 22 2012 01:23 PM
Looks interesting, I'll give it a go
Jun 22 2012 10:44 PM
I have to admin I wasn't sure how it will do, but its an awesome app! really! love it!

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