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Hello blog

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First of all: Welcome to the first entry of my blog. I have absolutely no idea if I should blog or not but as there's no harm in trying I might as well give it a shot.
As I said, this is my very first entry. This is probably be one of the longer posts. I intend to write not so long posts as I personally don't like it. But as I don't have that much to show or present I'm just going to tell something about myself and what my interests are.

First of all, my interests are always shifting. One month I'm interested in Graphics programming, the next I'm all in Virtual Machines and the third week I'm writing all sorts of small libraries But fear not. I am capable of focusing my efforts on small set of projects. Obviously you now want to know what my working on now.
1. A OO Win32 wrapper framework.
2. A OpenGL graphics framework
3. A Scripting language which should support OO programming, a few OO features like Inheritance and polymorphism

Furthermore, I 'like' making mistakes as these are the things one really learns from. If you look at the topics I've started on the forum you'll see I make a lot of mistakes, small ones, big ones, stupid ones, all sorts of mistakes. But I learned from them because I've rarely made any of them again.

So now you know what I'll be posting about every few days. Now you can decide whether you want to watch this blog, see if it brings any good, or not.
Feel free to add comments as this gives me the chance to improve my blogging.

See you next time

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