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If you go to the forums via the 'View Latest Content' link, clicking on a thread title will take you to the first new post since the thread was last read. I didn't care for this feature (I prefer to always go to the top of the thread) so I submitted feedback about it and was informed that it was related to the Last Content thing and not a general forum issue. (oops... sorry Gaiiden)

I did, however, decide to take matters into my own hands and fix this little issue... and thus is born a new Greasemonkey script. So if you're using greasemonkey and also don't like this feature, here you go:

// ==UserScript==
// @name       	Latest forum content link changer
// @namespace  	my scripts
// @description	remove page__view__getnewpost__fromsearch__1 from forum links
// @include   	https://www.gamedev.net/index.php*
// ==/UserScript==

if(location.href.indexOf('search_app=forum') != -1)
	var links = document.getElementById('forum_table').getElementsByTagName('a');
	for(i = 0; i < links.length; ++i)
		var pos = links[i].href.indexOf('page__view__getnewpost__fromsearch__1');
		if(pos != -1)
			links[i].href = links[i].href.substr(0, pos);

I am by no means a web developer so there may be better ways to do this but this does get the job done.

If you're curious, it appears to be the "page__view__getnewpost__fromsearch__1" appended to thread URLs that makes this feature work so all I'm doing is removing that from the links.

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