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Kimmi's developer blog

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First OpenGEX-support ( alpha ) in Asset-Importer-Library

in the last months I wrote an importer for the OpenGEX-asset-format in the Asset-Importer-Library. At the moment it supports:
Node hierarchies
Static meshes
Material definitions

You can find the importer in the Asset-Importer-Library-repository on GitHub: https://github.com/assimp/assimp

Bone-animationas and other features will follow. For the OpenDDL...

A simple OpenDDL-Parser

I started to work on a simple OpenDDL-parser. This will be used in the Asset-Importer-Library for the OpenGEX-importer, which I am currently working on. You can find it here:

Why I started to work on a separate parser and didn't used the reference implementation coming from Eric Lengyel ?
When working on the...

Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

I am happy to announce the Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. release. You can find the source on github: https://github.com/assimp/assimp/releases/tag/v3.1.1

You can find the pre-compiled binaries and the current release notes at sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/assimp/ .

And you can find our changes here: https://github.com/assimp/assimp/blo...

I moved the ZFXCE2-repository to github

Just if anyone is interested in: I moved the ZFXCE2-repository from SourceForge to Github. You can find it here: https://github.com/kimkulling/zfxce2 I did some progress in the rendering system:Currently the whole transformations a re done via registered transformations groups.I also introduces a base scene-graph. Currently no culling is done.I fought a l...

Assimp3.0 SDK is now released

Hi all,

I am very proud to announce our new 3.0 release of the Assimp Importer Library:

And here are the release notes:
New export interface similar to the import API. Supported export formats are Collada, Obj, Ply and stl.
New import formats are XGL/ZGL
A new experimental importer is also...

Asset Importer Library 3.0 is out

I am really glad to announce that the Asset-Importer-Library version 3.0 was released last week. Currently only a Source-Only package is available. The guy's from Debian asked for it and all the core-members of the assimp-team are currently really spare on time. But we will release the SDK as fast as possible.

You can find the source-package at...

I will move my jornal to my private homepage


I will move the detailed blog-posts regarding projects I am involved onto my own website: www.KimKulling.de . If their are any big new I will try to add some jornal entries here as well.


URI's and filesystem access

I finished the first approach to import assets in a separate loader task and I was able to see my first imported model. Currently any kind of texturing needs to be implemented. But how can you desribe the location of a resource like a texture or a shader in a...

Assimp is part of Debian

just a short update from the Asset-Importer-Library. We are now part of the Debian-installation. Currently we are not part of the stable release, but hopefully we will get a lot of feedback from the linux front :-). And the last release of the Clan-Library will use our Collada-Loader. The old one used in older Clanlib-releases was replaced by Assimp....

Resource loading and a first triangle

I wans't able to update this user-jornal the last couple of weeks, sorry. Currently I am in educational holiday for three months and my daughter learned one thing at the beginning: moving. So I had to learn how to avoid bigger accidents like switching off the computer or destroy the house very vrey fast at first...