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A first working prototype of the render-driver

4: Adsense

After having the first vacation with our little daugther in Stuttgart ( Germany ) I restarted my work on the ZFXCE2 render-subsystem. I tried to build at first a working render-thread, who gets signaled to refresh the render window from the render-interface. This interface is the front-end used by the user.
To get a simple feedback from the render-driver I just wrote a small logging entry like "Hey, I have an update!". The communication between the main-thread and the render-thread of the render-driver is done by sending events, which will be handled by a render-specific Event-Handler.
The render-thread itself is managed by a render-task. The user will only have to deal with this task. The thread-management-stuff like changing the priority or using the more threads ( or just the main thread ) will be done by the task-management. Hopefully this aproach will help to decrease the complexity, which the user has to deal with.

And then I learned a lot of "old" lectures again about not finished functionality:
  • Try to add a simple and workin logging mechanism ( even a simple printf is useful ). So you don't have to search why you cannot see any entries ( without writing anything you cannot see anything Posted Image ).
  • If you are building your own assert-test, don't be lazy. A minimum is a simple wrapper over the default-assert-implementation from the runtime. I had fixed many many assertion-failes in the existing code, because the ce_assert-macro was just empty...
  • Unittests can be very useful.
So after fixing all these issues I saw the log-entry "UpdateFrame" and I feel motivated to implement a first model-viewer. I will use the AssImp-Loader for this task.

And I opened a new website for the ZFXCE2. Currently it contains not really much stuff, but this will change hopefully: The ZFXCE2 homepage.

And I learned in the last months: with a little child find some time for your hobby projects is the hardest task I was ever confronted with in my whole life Posted Image...

To be continued...

Jun 22 2011 02:12 PM
Do you live near Stuttgart? I am here on assignment until early March of next year...
Jun 22 2011 03:43 PM
No, we are living in Luebeck. But I worked in Stuttgart for 6 years and my girlfriend is from Stuttgart as well.

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