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New Old Things

4: Adsense

A C64 Game - Step 97

And here's a little gameplay update, the bats. The diagonal movement was too predictable, so now there's more randomness to it. The bat will move in curves. On every end of a curve the new direction will be decided randomly. Two tables are enough, however due to the C64 using two bit complement negative values are annoying to handle. Therefor I went the n...

A C64 Game - Step 96

And a nice little update, Richard Bayliss added sounds effects. Now there's a SFX mode, toggle in the title screen with left/right. The effects are integrated in the player code as separate "songs". So we add a variable SFX_MODE and check it's value when we want to play an effect or start the music:No music in title when SFX mode enabled: ;initialise mu...

A C64 Game - Step 95

Now a little update that adds a change that was long overdue: Zombies do not wake up all of a sudden, but peek out of the ground before. Now players should be able to escape if they're keeping an eye out. We change the .WakeUp part of BehaviourZombie to show up, look left/right a few times and only then rise, like good zombies do:   ;only animate head to...

A C64 Game - Step 94

Now we have a real two player coop mode. It's not both players playing by themselves, but true teamwork. Sam needs to capture, and only then Dean can shoot enemies. To makes things easier we add a new flag to check if two player mode is active (TWO_PLAYER_MODE_ACTIVE):   ;set two player mode active flag   lda #0   sta TWO_PLAYER_MODE_ACTIVE   lda GAME...