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New Old Things

4: Adsense

A C64 Game - Step 92

Poor Sam was left out again. Now he can kill the boss too. Since the boss is a special beast you wouldn't want Sam just to stand there and kill him without any reaction.We add a new variable BOSS_HELD, similar to the SPRITE_HELD value.So if SAM hurts the enemy, and it's the boss, the boss is released from Sam's grip:   dec SPRITE_HP,x   beq .EnemyKilled...

A C64 Game - Step 91

Aaaand the torso gets to fight back too, not only sit put. Time to reuse existing code again. The torso will spit out bats just like the last two bossed did. SPRITE_MODE_POS is used to stop the attacking mode and revert back to movement.A contains the number of boss parts killed (so 4 = 2 legs plus 2 arms):   cmp #4   bne +   ;attack with bats   lda S...

A C64 Game - Step 90

And the boss got a bit more lively (visually), it was quite stiff previously. Moving body parts and the head screams (also visually) when getting hurt. The boss helper code is enhanced by a routine doing circling movements:jsr GenerateRandomNumberand #$03bne .DoYinc SPRITE_MOVE_POS,xlda SPRITE_MOVE_POS,xand #$0fsta SPRITE_MOVE_POS,xldy SPRITE_MOVE_POS,xld...

A C64 Game - Step 89

Now you can kill the last part. Beware, it will fight back though! All kind of changes are added to the boss 7 behaviour routine, as it now gets a new state. First of all, handle getting hit;------------------------------------------------------------;boss #7;state = 0, 128 -> random movements;state = 129 -> attack with beams;---------------------...

A C64 Game - Step 88

And finally, here's the big boss. Expect him to put up quite a fight once he is completed. Note that currently you cannot kill the last part. First of all, the boss is not just simply there, it is entering with a few flashes. We reuse Dean's shot flash code for this. To mark the final boss entry we use a new bit in the level config byte:   ;final boss i...

A C64 Game - Step 87

And the last portal stage, I promise http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png  Previous Step    Next Step

A C64 Game - Step 86

And something different for a change: Added road side stones to the story pages to make it look a bit neater.Looks better in motion http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png  It's actually pretty simple: We add a stone in front and one in the back. Store positions and update them every frame with different deltas.Start with the p...

A C64 Game - Step 85

And now? You guessed it, another portal stage http://public.gamede...smile.pngHave fun!Previous Step   Next Step

A C64 Game - Step 84

And here's the next portal. I hope you don't mind the slower pace, I'm working on a bigger step in the background.Have fun!Previous Step   Next Step

A C64 Game - Step 83

And here's a new extra for Sam. It works similar to the super bullet. For every demon blood picked Sam can destroy an enemy with one touch. The code is quite similar to the super bullet. Add a new counter variable (DEMON_BLOOD), a new item image, make it possible for the item to spawn as well.At the item pickup we add this. If the player is Sam (means x =...