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A c64 game in several steps (lots of 'em)

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Today's development is heaps and bounds beyond imagination from 20 years ago. I've always had a soft spot for the C64 after all this years. So I sat down and tried to start assembly programming on a C64.

Today I'll start with a sort of tutorial on how to write a C64 game. I have prepared 36 steps for now, planned are probably a few more.

I'll start out very small but there will be bigger steps later on. The code is supposed to be heavily commented but is probably not clear for everyone. I'll be happy to answer questions regarding the code. The code is written for the ACME cross compiler, which allows to compile the code on any bigger OS.

Step #1 is a simple base for a game. It provides a Basic start (10 SYS 2064), sets up the VIC relocation and shows a simple synchronized game loop.

To show the loop running the border color is flashed and the top left char is rotating throughout all characters.

The not too eye-popping result looks like this:
Attached Image

Find here the source code and binary for use in an emulator of your choice (I recommend WinVICE):
Attached File  step1.zip (1.77KB)
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Next Step 1b

Apr 09 2011 10:09 AM
I am looking forward to reading the next parts.

What cross assembler did you use?
Apr 10 2011 07:17 AM
Ah, I knew I forgot something.

I'm using ACME. I'll see to explain a bit more with the next steps. Maybe somewhere someday someone might want to try something new old ;)
Jul 14 2011 05:45 PM
Great to see people are still coding for the C64.

Kudos to you.

I spent many years coding demo's and games on the C64.

And i'm still coding games today.

Great read and brings back lots of memories.

Jul 30 2013 02:48 AM

cool I to had a c64 and type out the code for horace goes skying from a book neaver worked ended there.


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