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A non-programmer's programs

4: Adsense

Let Loose the Kraken!

I entered the "Let Loose the Kraken!" contest, which was my first weekend contest and the first contest where I could really put myself there and do hard work.

I am very happy with the result, and that I managed to make (and...

Programming Portfolio

I decided to use this entry as a surface for showing my programming experiences and portfolio in a brief summary for anyone who is interested. I know it's not the professional way to do so, but my profession is mechanical engineering anyway.

In advance, here are some links about some stuff I did and...

Das LEGO side-project.

I'm still ""building my life"" so I'm still not at my computer, so the Paper Modeller project is still on hold.

But one can play with LEGO wherever one wants, so I've built my first ever MOC (my own creation) trial truck. I used to play LEGO a lot when I was a kid (approximately 10 years ago) but I didn't build much...

Paper Modeller 05 with progress and big screenshots

I made the mistake, that I didn't make the intent of the application clear in this journal, I just linked my old one.

Thanks Zarfius for the comments that made me reply and write down the "goals", now I can just copy it here.

The goals of the application

Due to my relatively poor English, I can't really...

Paper Modeller 04 with unclear goals

Progress is slow and doubts arose.

The main causes of doubts is the serious lack of knowledge and the unclear goals of the whole "project".

My former tool programming projects had clear goals: to make something useful for me and for a very certain, special task where an unfinished but working application is enough. Those goals...

Paper Modeller 03 with smoothing control

Maybe it isn't worth a journal entry, but I successfully implemented the automatic smoothing generation feature for shading the models. It was a necessary visual feature (totally smooth or totally faceted display was not only ugly, but disturbed the spatial sense too) but it was also important for editing/unfolding.

Smoothing is usually controlled...

Paper Modeller 02

Implemented texture coordinate loading. Took 2 hours due to a stupid mistake... Edge data is constructed and displayed: Only the polygon edges will be selectable. Edge flow will be important for selecting edge loops and edge rings. The .obj parser can parse polygons with arbitrary number of sides and converts the polygon to a triangle fan (in the most...

Paper Modeller 01

I decided to make an entries about the progress with screenshots. So here it ising:
(a power out killed my well parsed literature masterpiece so I have to rewrite the post but in a simpler way):
window + menubar (only decoration yet)openGL3D grid + basic camera control (rotate, zoom, pan, dolly)coordinate system iconwavefront .obj...

Back to Paper Modeller (?)

So, I'll try to exploit unemployment and work on the paper modeller again. That means restarting from scratch again, reusing pure functions (yeah, I have some of those!!!!44).
I'll try to discipline myself again and write better code, but I guess I'll fail again. I even fell with the very first step: I just can't think of a...

New genius MMORPG idea

Well, not MMORPG but genius 2D game idea anyway.

The Pissing in...