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PrEdiTer project intro

procedural editable terrain
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The Procedural Editable Terrain project is just what it sounds like - a project to make an engine for terrain that is both procedurally generated, and allows for editing functionliaty (lowering, raising etc.)

The project evolved from my previous project for simply procedural terrain. One other person joined me on this project, and has been helping with various tasks on the project.

Currently the project has the basic functionality as described above, and some additional things. The major features currently are:

  • Persistent perlin-noise based terrain generation
  • Data stored in discrete voxels, allowing for modification of the terrain
  • Planet generation of variable raidus, currently tested with 100km raidus, theoretically supporting much larger.
  • Planet-based biomes - desert, savanna, temperate, polar, distributed with variation accross the planet.
  • Basic physics from extracted terrain information - accurate collision detection with terrain
  • Different LODs, on more powerful PCs support comfortably half a kilometer viewing distance
  • Custom terrain shader supporting custom lighting, triplanar texturing and blending between any two textures
  • Custom sky shader displaying the moving sun and related effects.
So, in an effort to increase the number of people aware of my work to 4, I'm going to be posting some blog entries describing some ideas.

You can read more technical stuff on the blog, where you can see also download the current version of the program: http://blog.milchopenchev.com
Currently, a lot of the options are not exposed to the user through a nice interface, but some options are accessible via a console (~).

Here are some screen shots:

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

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