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DeeMOONger's Journal

the Space - 2D isometric-45 space shooter

Posted by , in The Space (Open Source) 10 March 2011 - - - - - - · 1,451 views

  • Version 0.0.3

Project name: the Space
Environment: Visual C++
DevKits: Direct Draw, Direct Sound, Vorbis OGG and API

First - Sorry for my english! I translate my posts with free PROMT online translator.

Short about the project

The Space is my very old project 2D space game with an isometric projection which I developed in 2005. At that time I only started to study VC ++. Before I programmed on Borland Delphi. Because of it in the project I had been made many errors peculiar to the beginning programmer. Recently I have casually found initial texts of this project on a disk and have decided to share them with all to whom they are interesting. But, certainly, to spread in the Internet dirty codes to me conscience hasn't allowed. Therefore I have decided to finish them to a comprehensible kind, and at the same time and graphically to issue at worthy level. And if someone wishes to help me with graphic I will be very grateful.

What game will turn out as a result

In my plans to realize following parts:
- A logo (the video-stream synchronized with an audio-stream will be used).
- The menus consisting of parts «Begin game», «Options», «Authors» and «Leave the game».
«Options» section will allow to adjust loudness of sound effects and loudness of music underneath and as to redefine control keys.
I plan to execute section «Authors» in the form of usual scroll.
- Game process.

Game process will be infinite flight (if, of course, the player can to survive infinitely) in which process it will be necessary to shoot everything that on you way. On a way of the player there will be space objects, such as: asteroids, fragments of the broken and blown up spaceships and stations. Besides, against the player the enemy ships which will shoot too will act.

After the player will lose all lives, his name will be brought in the table of records at the web. The player can send subsequently the records on the server where its achievements will participate in the general offset.

On it project realization comes to an end. Any interested person on the basis of the received initial code can create the own similar game project and expand its possibilities on so much, on the imagination and forces how many will suffice.

Beginning programmers can gather what knowledge at studying of this project.

- Bases of working out of a game code (the game logic).
- Skills of work with Direct Draw, Direct Sound, Direct Input and some other technologies.
- Skills of work with graphic formats, such as JPEG, TGA, BMP and PCX.
- Bases of work with video-streams of format AVI (Audio Video Interlaced).

And as to some other cunnings and programming subtleties.

Code parts of «the accelerated drawing» where I use built in assembler of Visual C ++ can become a problem at studying for beginning programmers. But on the other hand, these parts of a code can become subsequently for programmers excellent assistants by working out of own projects.

About the given branch of a forum

Here I will conduct something like a diary of the developer and to answer questions if those are. Real has put under the project, all updatings, articles and other, on my personal internet page.

My personal site, project pages, a code, resources and binaries at http://dee.deenamics.com/en/
Download binaries, resources and sources

Download from DepositFiles.com

Download from LetItBit.net

Download from Vip-File.com

I'm sorry for posting files at that file hostings!

p.s. If You have any questions or You need help at study source codes contact me at that topic, my e-mail (dee [at] deenamics.com) or ICQ 612 - 104 - one seven four

Best regards, DeeMOONger!

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