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Walking Towards The Sun

Ardens last four days - day 3

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 10 January 2012 - - - - - - · 614 views

Well it seems the server failure wiped my day 3 post, so I'll repost "Arden's last four days - day 3"

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A quickie

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 31 December 2011 - - - - - - · 636 views

Just a quick update on the new conquest game.

-- Updated and filled missing documentation for every header within the project. Only game specific headers.
-- Implemented base instances of all phases (upkeep, first setup, pre action, post action, second setup, and cleanup).
-- Identified several depricated implementations, from original design.
-- Finished basic implementation of TokenController to allow dragging and dropping, queing actions for active tokens.
-- Implemented graphical que for queued actions.

Goals, milestones
-- Allow zooming in of tokens to select abilities during pre action and setup phases.
-- Clean out depricated code that is no longer needed.
-- Update dependecy tree and indentify spaghetti code that can be rearranged.
-- Implement graphical que for current phase(s).
-- Fix bug that you can't move to a spot that another token is moving out of.

till next time .. ponder this...

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Guitar, Tatoos and a little programming

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 24 December 2011 - - - - - - · 544 views

No kids for the weekend... already feels weird. Plus no Sunday magic... and most everyone is with family for the holidays... ah what to do with my time. Well I did some hardcore programming to pass the time. Accessing some of my achievements and future milestones for the project, here's a short version of were I stand.

- Implemented Phase system (my glorified state machine for turn based games), I've rewritten this boiler plate for the last 3-4 projects, I really should abstract it for future use after this project.

- Implemented UpkeepPhase
--- Draws a token
--- Resets resources
--- Processes auto abilities (resource generation only)

- Implemented SetupPhase
--- Allows playing tokens from hand, onto the game board
--- Properly purchases and validates tokens cost
--- no restrictions on where tokens can be placed yet
--- no restrictions on the amount of a type of token that can be played per turn yet.

- Token, hand (deck, library, graveyard), ability, resource, player and game board boiler plate completed.

Future goals and milestones

- Implement pre-action phase
--- Allow assignment movement and attack orders
--- allow playing ability only tokens, but restrict permanent tokens.

- Implement post-action phase
--- process all move and attack orders
--- cleanup dead tokens

- implement secondary setup phase
--- All I should have to do with this, is push another copy of setupPhase onto the stack.

- implement Cleanup phase
--- clean up dead tokens
--- regenerate tokens still alive.


With those four phases complete, I should be able to hit my major milestone of being able to play through a complete turn.

Now take a break from code speak... here's a small tune I've been messing around with for some time now. Yes I know I play guitar like a french dude drinks tea... If I could just keep my pinky down, I might actually be able to up my speed. It's just a habit I can't break though...


Here's my work in progress for the next section of my right sleeve... titled 'The Great Struggle', Gonna redue it so he's coming out of the flames, instead of what is supposed to be dust kicked up from him fighting with the vines to move forward. And the overseer, has to be repositioned to go on the part of my body I want to go on. And the colors, were just me messing around... none of my tats have color and probably never will.

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Till next time... hey watch it with the thumb.

P.S. day three is coming soon, waiting for my next milestone before I move the story along.

What? huh, what?

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 15 December 2011 - - - - - - · 535 views

That's right.... What? Delivered freight, from 8am - 2pm, lunch, nap, stocked freight from 6pm - 11:30 pm. Put my clothes back on and left what easily could've been a models hotel room at 3 am. Somehow made it home to sleep. did it all over again at 8am. Yet I still have no money to show for it.... go figure. Definitely feeling nuttier than squirrel turds, and ready to sleep for a couple days, but I sure do like tourist.

Well that was two days ago, feeling somewhat intact, so thought I'd do some refactoring, and reassessing my projects. Reevaluated milestones, and tried to convince myself I'm on schedule. Another swarm of resumes, yet only one phone call returned... dead end. Yet it made me feel pretty good, someone thought I was worth calling back. Just got to brush up on my professional conversation skills.

My typing without looking at the keyboard is getting ever faster, yet I noticed, my brain is still substituting words incorrectly... don't know how many times I typed things like "could" instead of "good". Darn brain, what is your problem, or "have" instead of "hope", come on now, those doesn't even sound alike. Maybe some paint chips will teach you a lesson.

Nothing fancy, but messing around with the ol' ge-tar + my digitech processor (things been broken for years, finally fixed it) and some art stoof, so say bye to 30 seconds of your life.

Still contemplating a way to incorporate the abilities of tokens, without having to hard code them... but it seems the best I'll be able to do, is incorporate the abilities as functions, and use some sort of tagging to identify what abilities the token has, and call that function when it gets used. This means I'll have to rebuild the exe every time I want to add new abilities though. Ahh I'll find a way eventually.

After 5 hours of refactoring, got to say, this is now the cleanest project I've ever done. :)

Till next time... don't eat the pudding.

Arden's last four days - Day 2

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 11 December 2011 - - - - - - · 325 views

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Arden's last four days - Day 1

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 08 December 2011 - - - - - - · 342 views

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Another one

Posted by , in Orb of Conquest 04 December 2011 - - - - - - · 388 views

A turn based strategy game with card game mechanics, *sigh* I know... exciting. I've had this on the back burner for a long time and just never brought it to light. Just messing around with art some more I redid all the original 1st grader art. Not really a huge improvement, but atleast it has consistancey and everything is not just solid colors. blah blah blah here is a quick screen at the beginning of my test game.

Posted Image

The game board is just like that of a checkers/chess board. Each 4x4 corner is owned by one of the players. The player can play the cards in they're hand to place tokens onto the game board, but can only place tokens in their area. once on the game board each token can move once a turn, moving into an occupied space will make each token fight. The beginning of each game, each player can pick were in their area they want to place a castle. The goal being to attack the other players castles until they get destroyed.

Like everything it still isn't finished, and is missing some fundamental mechanics for attacking and using the abilities on cards. So you basically just place tokens and move them around till you're out of resources.

Till next time ... uh.. I forget.

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