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YodamanJer's Journal

Developing a small game with built-in level editor!

Posted by , in 2D 16 December 2014 - - - - - - · 1,164 views
It has been a long time since I've posted anything in this journal, in fact I sort of forgot about its existence! Won't do that again. :)

I'm not sure how many people are familiar with it, but I'm using App Game Kit from The Game Creators, the same company behind DarkBASIC, to create the base engine for a really simplistic game. I won't get into too much detail about the game now, but suffice to say it should be a fun one to program!

One of the features of the game is going to be a built-in level editor which will allow the player to create their own unique levels. It will be fairly easy to implement, as the editor is basically going to be its own program in a separate included file, which will store map data in an array that the main engine will be able to use. I love building level editors, but there are a few things I realized player's would want in one.
  • A GUI System (while I'm comfortable using keys and text, players will want buttons)
  • Undo/Redo Funcionality
Both of those things I plan to work on and get operational before I start work on anything else. I'm actually working on the Undo/Redo API first as I thought that would be the most difficult. Turns out it is actually really easy!

First, I'm creating a custom type to store metadata in, then declaring two global arrays based on the type. Whenever an action is performed, I call a function which will record the action into the undo stack. Whenever someone undoes the last action, it will copy the information from the current element of the undo stack into a new element of the redo stack (say all of this ten times fast, I dare you! :P ).

In order to keep memory usage down, there will be a limit of 50 undo/redoes available. But the really good thing about this system will be just how customizable it is, if the user wants to record other types of data, all they have to do is add the necessary information to the custom metadata type.

I know there are much better ways to handle something of this nature, but this was the best solution I could come up with and I'm sticking to it! Anybody here use AGK that might be interested in it? :)

OId Ideas spawn New Ideas

Posted by , in Unnamed Project, RPG, 2D, Action/Adventure 21 June 2013 - - - - - - · 848 views
RPG, 2D, Action/Adventure and 1 more...
It's funny sometimes how one project you're working on can inspire new and completely different ideas, especially when the project you're working on is completely different and has unrelated game mechanics.

What originally started out as a 2D platformer is slowly evolving into a different game inside of my head, and the ideas I have for it are many and diverse. Sure, the genre has been done before, but I have several ideas to make it unique.

The game will no longer be about cubes, or even be a basic platformer. Instead, I'm going for a different idea all together, and I'm excited because I know I can do it: a 2D, sidescrolling platformer/action-adventure RPG.

You control a bumbling, inept, and ridiculously klutzy, very young Wizard, whose backstory shall remain in the depths of my head for now as I don't wish to give a lot away. He is the descendant of someone important, but again that shall all be revealed later. Perhaps I've already said too much!

The basics of the game are ones you would expect to find in any RPG game:
  • Class system
  • Magic/Hit Point/Stamina system
  • Attack/combat system
  • Level-up system
  • Item drops
  • Various other RPG-type things that we all love
So that's my new idea​, and I'll post some more on it later on. I just wanted to share some of my new plans, and possibly gain some encouragement. This will be quite the task, getting this made, but I've decided it's the game I truly want to make. Right now, I'm just starting the pre-production phase. I don't even have sketches drawn or anything like that yet, but I have a lot of notes and the basic story outlined, so we'll see how much further I get along!

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