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Bluefirehawk's: "Path to World Domination"

Power of Music, Part 2

Posted by , in Uncategorized, Lore/Story 07 December 2012 - - - - - - · 934 views

sooo, this week I try to write the entry drunk... yeah, I am really drunk, so don't think to harshly about any spelling errors.

This is the second part of the "Power of Music" series, but I have to disappoint you, this won't be a huge entry writing about the missing music pieces of my current project. So why did I have the need to write this?

Basically, I was listening to pandora.com and literally tripped over a piece of music that couldn't represent my game more perfectly than any piece of music that I know of. Here it is:

I can envision it as only a sort of "travel" soundtrack for my game, and yet it strangely underlines my overall vision of the game. It draws a sort of torn apart picture. I can imagine the artwork I'd like to be associated with the game, I can imagine quite a lot.
To be blatantly honest, that's why I had the need to post yet another entry about the music, without having diferen soundtracks for diffenent situations that I coudln't cover before. Until today, it was I kind of searching for music that made ME feel the right things for the specific game moments. This isn't too bad, but now I feel like I've found the music style I would tell to a professional composer (if i had the money).
It seems to me that this day marks a very important decision. At the first glance, it seems more trivial than anything else, but defining the STYLE of the ingame music can be very difinitive to what kind of person likes the game or not.

I first didn't grasp the groundlaying outcome of this decision, but I think defining a music style for a game is more than just "a music style", it defines your overall feel of the game.
Thinking about Portal 2, if it had an other type of ingame music, it wouldn't be the same at all, it is not only the style of music you settle on, it is the style of emotion you try to set for your game.
I am very sure that this decision is often not taken too serious, not thinking about how much the music influences the overall "feel" of the game (in the end, that's what the people will remember of your game).
So, while just posting one music file for my game project, which won't be available in the actual game (due to copyright issues if I am not mistaken), this single soundtrack may be more important than any posts I've wrote over the last couple of months. If I have some art piece posted to me,. I can actually decide if it fits to my world or not, I started to define the remebrable part of the game, the art and feel of it.

Having an arstyle, story, sound and music that fits your world is one part, but making it distinctive enough that people will remember it is an other aspect. I always compare Borderlands to Darksiders. Both games have a good looking artstyle, butTa I am very sure that Borderlands will be remembered as one best games of all times, while Darksiders will eventually be lost in the flood of games.
Darksiders doesn't have an ugly art style, but it is just so generic, it fits to every halfways epic music, it is so mainstream fantasy style.
Borderlands on the other hand has a very distinctive world, very distinctive artstyle. This is not only a good thing, Imagine the difference of the Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 theme songs. From a "money" perspective, making a sequel to the predecessor isn't easy, especially when it stood out with it's exceptional artstyle and overall feel, as a game designer, you may be limited in your enovations.

Still, defining a style is to me like having a face for a game in the flood of games we have today. People may not necessarily like your game because of your artstlye, but they at least will remember it, for the good of bad of it.

Maybe you missed my latest entries in this journal. I wrote this in my last "almost missed entry", some weeks ago I wrote the journal entries days to weeks before they were published, I sometimes scheduled the topic of the entries a month before the entry was supposed to get posted. The last few weeks have bitten me in my ass, by not completing me pre-scheduled entries, they were published in a very unfinished state. I was already very annoyed by that. But when I took the already published entries down, made them fit and finish and reposted them, they weren't listened in the gamedev.net latest journal entries.
So if you haven't already, take a look of my past entries, maybe you have missed one if you are interested.

That was it, I hope it was at least entertaining for you to read my text written by drunk me. Have a nice week end.

What do you do in "Project: Phoenix"?

Posted by , 17 August 2012 - - - - - - · 709 views

Soooo this week, I am writing a bit about the raw drafts of the gameplay. I first wanted to post an entry about design principles, but I realized, it is hard writing about design principles for a game, if you don't know the basic gameplay. Don't worry, you will see the posts about the game design principles, I will simply post them a week later.

Before we dive into the whole game and stuff, I want to add that this will be a multiplayer game, if and how there will be a singleplayer component is not yet decided. But this game isn't aimed to be an MMO, it is thought to be a "Lan Party" game, with your friends in hearing range, or at least available over teamspeak. I won't care about voip support in-game, I may not even care about a messaging system.

If you read last weeks babble about the first drafts of the lore (thank you very much), if you guessed you would start the game as a young RSR recruit, you were correct. The tutorial and character creation process will be in the RSR bootcamp. Then, you and your friends are sent out to your very first mission.
From your secure base, you can select the gear you take on your journey. You will need to take different weapons with you to be prepared for different tactics/enemies. But you are limited in the size of your inventory and the weight. You then can move around the overworld (as long as you don't step into a trapPosted Image ). You then can set up your base camp and stash your equipment you don't need. From there, you can move more quickly and if needed, set up a preliminary camp with some supplies (like ammo).

These are the basics, from here the game can be split up into three groups:
Your character can choose a primary and a secondary role out of 3 roles: Assault, Assassination, Ambush.
This decides what weapons and skills will be available later. This means I will have 6 different set ups for a character (Yes this text is a bit meager, but I will expand on the skills, equipment and other stuff soon in a separate entry. Posting this here would explode the entry).

You shouldn't storm in a position guns blazing. Well you can, but you may get you and your friends killed in the process. It is encouraged to first do reconnaissance of the area and think about what to do. You can choose 3 basic tactics: Assault, Assassination, Ambush. Depending on your available equipment, skills and the monsters you face, you can start mixing tatcits. You also need an escape plan. To shake off a hunter groups, or in case your plan goes wrong.

After planning, you start the attack. You have your waypoints laid out, you know where the enemy should be hiding and how strong they should be. The bad thing is, recon is never a 100% accurate, there might be unexpected changes, for example a group of monsters twice the size they should be. Then you have to improvise, or bail.
The enemies do also not just stand around, if they know you are in the area, they are starting to search for you. Or if an attack went wrong and you had to bail the alerted enemy, they will sent hunter groups after you. And those hunters are fast on their limbs.
If they locate your base camp, they will destroy it with all its contents. But when you go to your basecamp and take the supplies, you move slower. So don't try to really mess up.

So this was it for the overview. Next weeks entry will be about gamedesign principles and after that I will focus more on the subparts.

Hellooo Hopes and Dreams

Posted by , 02 August 2012 - - - - - - · 932 views

  • about myself
  • about the journal
  • 2d Artist needed
  • about the game "Project Phoenix
  • Hopes and Dreams

About myself
I am a normal IT student in a land far far away who has put an idea into his head. V thaught us, that ideas are bulletproof and now it's kinda stuck forever. The idea, to create a world.

About the journal
Here I will write EVERYTHING (well, almost, but I try hard), from posts about the lore, up to design choices in the engine.
So why should I put so much time writing about that stuff, if I could code?
Well, this project will take a long time and when I have people interested in my work, I won't abandon it. It is also a great help for me writing down ideas and concepts in coherent sentences, not just as half-assed scribble on a dirty sheet of paper. Plus, I have the chance that somebody will eventually read this and maybe find some value in it.

I will update this Journal at least every two weeks.

If you have questions, remarks or even critic about something, please leave a comment. Feedback is the best way to improve.

2d Artist needed
Yeah, what the heading says.

About the game "Project Phoenix"
Yes, my project is called "Project Phoenix", to reduce confusion, I won't use the word "project" in my posts.
I haven't worked out the lore yet, but I can give you an overview:
Project Phoenix plays in a post apocalyptic world, where the humans fight for their survival. You are (of course) a human, you fight in a 2d real-time isometric shooter against an enemy more powerful than you are. To succeed, you need to work as a team, plan your attacks, assasinations, ambushes carefully and improvise in case shit happens.
So yeah, it is a multiplayer game at some point in the future...

The game engine is my own, I work with SDL and later hopefully with OpenGL. It is free to play and the source code is open.

Hopes and Dreams
You see, I hope to make an interesting game from the ground up. Even though I have programming experience, I never had a project this complex. Further, it doesn't take a good programmer to make a good game. A good game is more than code.
Even though I work hard, I expect something more than a tech demo in a year maybe. And I will have to put the project on ice temporarly when an examstorm is brewing, but I promise to pick it back up afterwards.

So here I am with an ambitious project with ambitious goals... what could possibly go wrong? Posted Image

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