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The Long Road of Simulation

Few information and a little bit more

Posted by , in General 12 September 2012 - - - - - - · 1,122 views

Hello everyone Posted Image

My last entry was done nearly three weeks ago. So a new one is already needed. I can say that the project is still alife. Better, the design phase is over and I already started to develope the game. But I can't show you some pictures...
It is tooo good Posted Image a little joke, but I don't want to destroy the surprise... So you must wait a little and maybe then I will post a ingame YouTube video from the game in my new channel PearCoding.

Happy coding!


New Game

Posted by , in General 18 August 2012 - - - - - - · 1,377 views
New, Simulation, City, Graphic and 3 more...
Hi everyone!

My name is Ömercan Yazici and I'm a student from Germany. I already have a blog, but this time this Jounal will contain something totally different.
I'm going to start a new indie game. It is my first Indie game, but I have done already many little games and big applications before. I'm also the founder of the Pear3DEngine, who is far away from being an engine, but this time the application will not contain any big graphic related code Posted Image

The game

The game is a huge simulation with the project and working title SimuWorld. Not very nice, but it is only a working title.
So what is it about? Hmm... Yes, it is a city building game. Like SimCity and CitiesXL, but a little bit different.
You are the mayor. A big fat guy who is sitting in the town hall and throwing the money out of the window (haha, only a bad joke).
One of the big features are that you don't need to play the game as a mayor. You can found your own company. Do here and there some work, or base a new country with other friends, and many more...

I will not reveal much about the features, but the little enumeration above is only a very little part of my Todo-List Posted Image

Stop dreaming

Of course game development is a very hard work and it will take months or years to release the first good version. But this Journal will hopefully contain some good material about design and programming and will help some beginners or maybe some experts here and there. I'm not really a super coder, but I promise that I already can do real work Posted Image So keep your powder dry and follow this Journal!

Let the design phase begin!

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