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The Dawn Age - Development Journal

Small Progress

Posted by , in Development, Art Overview 17 April 2013 - - - - - - · 783 views
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This week I've worked on: core gameplay mechanics, AI, editor tools and other stuff. I don't have much to show this week, since I replaced all the placeholder environment with colored blocks(it looks ugly) to do some tests.

The gameplay mechanics that I have implemented this week:

Game system. This system controls the entire game(managing entities, entity turns, etc).
Entity movement.
Basic combat.
Key/Door system.
Chest/Treasure generation.
Item/Equipment system. There will be blessed and cursed items. The current system already supports random stats generation.
Monster generation.

For the AI, I created a system called AI Blocks. This allows me to create generic enemy behavior like patrol, hunt, attack, flee.... Each one of these are basic AI Blocks that I can put on the enemies or extend them to create more specific behavior.

Art Section

The concept artist, Jonathan Arnold, created two new creatures.
Goblin Mage
Posted Image

The Blob
Posted Image

Ghislain Girardot started the modeling of the Goblin Mage.
Goblin Mage Preview
Posted Image

Every dungeon will introduce 5 new enemies(6 if count the bosses). Some dungeons will have some previously introduced enemies in addition to the 5 new ones.

Next week I will work on visual stuff(UI, First Person Hands, animation setup, etc).

Posted Image

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