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Weekly Update #13

Hello everyone and welcome back for another weekly update!

Mikeyo kick starts our week with another group of crowdsourcing projects.

YouTube Link

Indie Spotlight #3 - Shadow of Arawyn
The Indie Spotlight for this week is a great action adventure game, Shadow of Arawyn by DC3S. They are currently running an...

Weekly Update #12

Kick Start Your Week with Mikeyo

Youtube Link

Weekly Update with Mikeyo

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Indie Spotlight #2 - Don't Starve
This week's Indie Spotlight is Don't Starve by Klei Entertainment. Don't Starve is a great survival adventure game with a focus on crafting...

New background project

First off, I want to promote another Kickstarter (not mine, I'm still working on getting that up, but it's coming soon): Oozengard.
Not to be rude to the developer, but if you're like me the Kickstarter page may put you off. However, the game itself does look...

Kickstarter - Hungry Fins and Drifter

Another Kickstarter project that needs some love: http://www.kickstart...fins-the-game-0

34 hours left and $2300 to go.

I just realized I hadn't put Drifter out here yet, which is a shame. It's another iOS game, but if the Kickstarter funding is...

Another Kickstarter project that needs some help

Hey guys, just thought I would post another Kickstarter project that needs a little help. They have quite a stretch to cover with only 8 days to go, so if you can lend a hand I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Dueling Blades Kickstarter Page:...