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Treasure House dies, Project Warehouse is born

A couple nights ago I sat down with my wife, Cierra, to figure out how we wanted to do the demo. Up until that point she hadn't really been involved much, so all of the ideas had come from me. This is a problem because I am a very logical thinker; if things don't add up right or don't seem to make sense, I rewrite/get rid of stuff. Thus why I...

I'm Back!

Hello all! I decided to take an extra week away from game development, just to give myself a little bit of a break. I've been playing a bunch of games; mainly Fallout: New Vegas on the PC, my new Kinect, and some Rage on the PC.

I did a tiny bit of work while I was on my honeymoon; I was able to get content building from the editor via MSBuild. So...

Notification System

[Notification System]
I've added a nice little notification system to my UI library. Here's a shot of it in action:

Here's a better shot, taken with the Window's Snipping Tool; an actual screenshot doesn't contain the notification. The notification you can see at the bottom of the image in...

Dialogue can be skipped now

Dialogue Skipping and Bug # 1

So, I finally sat down and worked through why I couldn't get dialogue skipping working. It was being caused by the fact that there is a disconnect in data; the "time remaining" value is stored in both the task and the dialogue UI control. So, even though I was killing the...

Treasure House Demo...Beta

Treasure House Demo

I finally have a demo done...sort of. I'm calling it a demo beta as the only the first scene for it is finished. I'll be adding more content (at least two more scenes), but I really want to show it off and get some feedback. Here is the download link:...