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Grue video

I've uploaded a video of the current status of Grue to Youtube:

I'll warn you, it's a boring 2 minute video. The base for characters is in now, so everything works properly (except for using and equiping items.) I'm going to try to get the rest of the base work done this weekend so that I can have...

Updating sprites and Grue progress

I spent some time working on new versions of the sprites for the characters in The Mysterious Life of Aaron James. I'm honestly still not the biggest fan of them, so I'll probably just wait for an artist. Anyway, here's the new versions I created:

Originally my initial prototype for Grue was going to...

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James - v1.0.7

I've removed this release download as I completely broke most of it.

I've uploaded a version 1.0.7 with a lot of engine fixes:
1) Corrected issue with number keys not selecting dialogue options.
2) Switched SAGE library to Reach profile rather than HiDef.
3) Corrected textbox not being selected on input prompt (when creating a new save).

Super secret project X progress

Like with The Mysterious Life of Aaron James, I'm going to keep the background project mostly under wraps until I get the first prototype done. Here's what I can say: it's a 2D over the shoulder survival shooter and it's code name is Project Grue (named for the monster not the...