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Severely unproductive

Posted by , in 1GAM, Scribe 26 March 2013 - - - - - - · 707 views

Well, the last 24 days have not been very productive at all. I attempted to implement nested conditionals and loops and thought I had them in and working that night. They were...kind of working; however other normal scripts were now not working properly. As my server had died the day after my last post, I was unable to commit to source control. So I did the next best thing: I just made the changes without making backups (okay, technically I had made a backup: I copied the entire file into Notepad++, but didn't save it, so when my laptop locked up later that night, I lost the "backup".)

At this point I was basically back to square one, so I decided to take a couple days off (after I spent a bit of time working on it; trying to clear my head of it and come back to it with a fresh mind.) Things have been super hectic in life altogether: my office just closed so I am working from home now (just want to clarify: as a remote employee, I didn't lose my job), getting ready for the baby (coming in June), and making room for a family member to move in within a month or two. None of this is bad news, it just has made things quite hectic.

I have managed to get Scribe working properly now though (so far anyway; I've been testing it all evening and haven't had any problems.) I'm going to start porting SAGE from Xna to MonoGame tomorrow, which will include lengthy tests of the scripting engine, so we'll see how things go. I'm very hopeful that it will work continue working properly. I've attached all of the example scripts I've used for testing as well as the new documentation. Once I've run the library through the ringer I'll put it up somewhere for download.

I've brought on some help that will be filling a sort of generic project manager role. Basically he is going to keep projects moving, make sure everyone is doing their job, help flesh out ideas and maybe some other areas (we haven't fully discussed his full role yet; these are just what he has been doing.) He's doing an amazing job so far; fleshing out some projects for our first couple projects (we're having a meeting tomorrow about The Mysterious Life of Aaron James) and has possibly found an artist. Anyway, I'm not sure when he'll end up showing his face on here, but I'm sure he will eventually.

Sadly my March project for 1GaM hasn't budged, so I'm not sure that I'll be finishing it. I'm going to flesh things out tonight, do a design document of sorts and then I'll decide from there whether or not it is feasible. If it is not I may just attempt a different game for this month. I'm off to start on this now.

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1GAM February: Young Minds Racing Game 1.0

Posted by , in 1GAM 23 February 2013 - - - - - - · 469 views
I have uploaded my 1GAM February entry to GameJolt and my own site. Sadly the game turned out a lot worse than I was hoping. I may return to it in the future to improve the mechanics and add theming, but for now I am moving on to my March game. Starting tomorrow anyway; now it is time for bed.

Game Jolt C# API, Game Save Service, new art for Aaron James, and 1GAM Update

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse, 1GAM, Game Jolt 18 February 2013 - - - - - - · 397 views
Game Jolt, 1GAM, C#, API
As I stated in my comments in the last entry, my CodePlex project for Game Jolt C# API and Game Jolt Services is now published: http://gamejolt.codeplex.com/

I will point out:
  • I have not tested the code heavily yet; I'm currently laying the groundwork and then in my March game I will hopefully be doing some rigorous testing.
  • I am not very experienced with asynchronous/multi-threaded programming; I have run into a few small issues and have tested the async calls even less (though, they have been tested.)
  • I hate Android UI development, so the Android build has been tested the least. Once I get a license for Mono for Android I will begin testing more rigorously there as well.
Game Save Service
I've added a new service to the GameJoltServices API: Game Save Service. This simplifies syncing game saves between local and cloud storage. Simply put, you request a list of game saves and the service determines whether the local or remote copy is the proper version; if it is the remote copy, it is cached locally. Sadly I do not have an example for this service yet; I originally was going to use the services in my January and February game, but I've decided to wait until our March game.

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James
New artwork is being worked on for Aaron James. Here are some WIP pieces that I received:
Attached Image Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

1GAM February Game
Not much has changed for the February game. I spent a little bit of time the other night working on creating new car sprites:
Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

I need to improve the UI and mechanics some, but I plan on deploying the first release this weekend.

As with the January game I will be releasing themes for a dollar on SellBox; so far I am planning on a space and underwater theme for this.

1GAM March Game
I'm getting a little ahead of myself and spreading myself a little thin, but I've also started working on my March game. The project is based on a short story that I'm writing and will be released in the form of a roguelike. I still have some more work to do on the short story, but here is a shot of the engine:
Attached Image

And here is a shot of the app I'm using to test my (WIP) dungeon generator (only corridors so far; working on rooms now and then I'll start filling things in):
Attached Image

I don't want to give too much away, but I will say it is a post-apocalyptic game, there will be perma-death and procedural buildings, and it may or may not be the precursor to another project I have planned.

Anyway, my lunch hour is over so it is back to work for me.

Young Minds Memory Game 1.1.4 + Premium Tile Set

Posted by , in 1GAM 11 February 2013 - - - - - - · 657 views

Young Minds Memory Game
I've created a new project page for our January 1GAM project, Young Minds Memory Game. On the page you can find screenshots, a link to the game's installer (which is free), and a link to our first premium tile set, Farm Animals ($1+). I'm going to do my best to get a wider variety of premium tile sets up, but I am still kind of down an artist at the moment so it may take a bit. If anyone is interested in creating a tile set (800x480 background image, 128x128 empty node, 128x128 tile back, 128x128 tile front, any size game over texture, eight 128x128 tiles, 512x512 preview image) or you have any requests/suggestions, please let me know!

Young Minds Racing Game
I haven't made much progress on this yet as I have spent the majority of my time on updating Young Minds Memory Game, porting Sage, and getting some prototypes done up.

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James
Just wanted to mention the game so that you're all aware we haven't dropped it. I'm working on getting Sage ported over from XNA to MonoGame at the moment; once that is done I will have to adjust the content to account for any changes and we'll be off and running again.

Now, I'm off to get some more things done.

1GAM February: Young Minds Racing Game

Posted by , in 1GAM 02 February 2013 - - - - - - · 828 views
1GAM, Kids Games
I've decided to continue with the games for kids for February's 1GAM entry for three reasons:
1) It is helping me improve my development skills; it is more difficult to design a game that is playable by a child that is about 3 years old (I'm designing and developing them for my son, DJ)
2) It is super awesome watching my son play them.
3) The mechanics are much simpler, so they games are in turn easier to develop.

DJ is a huge Cars fan, so I decided that this month's game would involve cars; enter Young Minds Racing Game. The game is driven by a simple mechanic: click the power ups (currently bubbles, going to be gas drops once I get to art) to keep your car going. There are two other cars to race against, but they currently do not present much of a challenge.

I'm on the fence about adding more features. I don't really think that there would be any point to adding unlockables/upgrades/customizations; it is just meant to try to keep a kid's attention. I'll continue to play with it and let it evolve for the next two weeks or so and see what we get.

Anyway, here are a couple screenshots:
Attached Image Attached Image

I'm only posting the two as there really isn't anything else to post at the moment. If anyone is interested though, I did a timelapse of Day 1:

I'm off to bed now!