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Severely unproductive

Well, the last 24 days have not been very productive at all. I attempted to implement nested conditionals and loops and thought I had them in and working that night. They were...kind of working; however other normal scripts were now not working properly. As my server had died the day after my last post, I was unable to commit to source control. So I did t...

1GAM February: Young Minds Racing Game 1.0

I have uploaded my 1GAM February entry to GameJolt  and my own site . Sadly the game turned out a lot worse than I was hoping. I may return to it in the future to improve the mechanics and add theming, but for now I am moving on to my March game. Starting tomorrow anyway; now it is time for bed.

Game Jolt C# API, Game Save Service, new art for Aaron James, and 1GAM Update

As I stated in my comments in the last entry, my CodePlex project for Game Jolt C# API and Game Jolt Services is now published: http://gamejolt.codeplex.com/ I will point out:I have not tested the code heavily yet; I'm currently laying the groundwork and then in my March game I will hopefully be doing some rigorous testing.I am not very experienced with a...

Young Minds Memory Game 1.1.4 + Premium Tile Set

Young Minds Memory Game I've created a new project page for our January 1GAM project, Young Minds Memory Game . On the page you can find screenshots, a link to the game's installer (which is free), and a link to our first premium tile set, Farm Animals ($1+). I'm going to do my best to get a wider variety of premium tile sets up, but I am still kind of do...

1GAM February: Young Minds Racing Game

I've decided to continue with the games for kids for February's 1GAM entry for three reasons:1) It is helping me improve my development skills; it is more difficult to design a game that is playable by a child that is about 3 years old (I'm designing and developing them for my son, DJ)2) It is super awesome watching my son play them.3) The mechanics are m...