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Severely unproductive

Well, the last 24 days have not been very productive at all. I attempted to implement nested conditionals and loops and thought I had them in and working that night. They were...kind of working; however other normal scripts were now not working properly. As my server had died the day after my last post, I was unable to commit to source control. So I did t...

1GAM March and new Scribe feature: calling labels by variable

So, I started working on my March game for One Game a Month  which is going to use both my GameJolt library  and Scribe . It is going to be a roguelike (coincidentally; I had decided to make it a roguelike halfway through February, before they had decided on the theme lol) based on a short story I have (almost) finished. The story has a post apocalyptic s...

Scribe scripting library

One of the projects I have always wanted to do is create a scripting language, but I have always failed horribly. My most recent attempt was kind of a mix of success and failure. The initial goals were to create a high level syntax (something similar to BASIC) and create a low level language (basically straight op codes; kind of like a simplified assembly...