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Crawling with ideas

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Welcome back!

Last time I have created a software for communicating with my Arduino using HC-05 bluetooth module. Now that I have had that prepared, it was time to do some serious work. It was time to create the robotic arm itself!

Now, I have never done any robots before, so I didn't knew where to start. I've looked at some instructables and saw simple...

Ahh! What a fine day, for SCIENCE!

Hello there, journal, long time no see.

As always, I've been busy. Currently doing full time job, running four projects alongside, studying bioinformatics and raising a kid http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png

After re-watching Dexter's Laboratory, I felt urge to go back to electronics for a bit. I may not have lab hid...

Pee Oh Vee

Yet another productive day in hackerspace. We're opening 3rd room, as there are plenty new people coming. The walls need to be scraped, the thrash needs to be cleaned, the floor needs to be laid etc. Good thing I wore black blouse and pants today <_<.

Apart from that, I fixed my PSP's thumbstick, which was stuck in off-center position, making...

Solder of fortune ( yeah, sorry, that was a horrible pun ) megapost

Woah. Today was another long day at the Hackerspace. It's 2:30 AM and I'm finally finished for the day and heading to bed. Just to write this post and it's finally sleepy time. This entry will be quite picture heavy, so those of you who are on 33.6kbps modems may want to take that into account ;). Seeing as it was a long day, the entry will...

PWM Receiver

As I'm learning more and more about electronics, I have more advanced ideas in my head. Currently my goal is to create a POV display, using motors, servos and shift registers ( which are new stuff I learned about ). However, that's not what I worked on today.

The friend that lent me his Arduino kit is putting together a quadcopter, and he wants it...

Serial connection

Today I continued hacking on the Arduino. After setting up the LCD display, I was roaring to do something 'useful' with it. Or at least something cool. I decided on creating a tool that will display amount of free space on hard drives.

I started from the end - made routine on Arduino that takes ints ( or rather longs ) , and displays the data on...

Arduino hacks

As some of you know, I'm heavily influenced and inspired by our own Ben Ryves's awesome work, especially his awesome Z80 computer ( http://benryves.com/journal/3691543 notice how he named it 'A useful Z80 computer'. Useful for what, Ben?...