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Crawling with ideas

4: Adsense


Welcome back!

Last time I have created a software for communicating with my Arduino using HC-05 bluetooth module. Now that I have had that prepared, it was time to do some serious work. It was time to create the robotic arm itself!

Now, I have never done any robots before, so I didn't knew where to start. I've looked at some instructables and saw simple...


Quick break from World making . Normal service will resume shortly.

So, as I looked at my life and noticed that I'm not getting ridiculously rich fast enough, I decided that I need to do something with it. I am going to gym, I study new things a lot (lately bioinformatics, astronomy, and cryptography, MOOCs are fun!), I help my friend with his project....

World in 7 days, Day 1: Galaxies

The thing that drew me to programming was simple: ability to create. I always loved travels, adventures and discovering the undiscovered. I used to watch this old 60s cartoon called Jonny Quest, about boy having adventures, but when I looked out the window, I only saw blocks of flats in my city, and couldn't imagine that this was possible any more, so I s...

Game in 7 Days, Day 7: DONE!...ish

Game in 7 Days, Day 7: DONE!...ish And it's over! Finally sat down to finish my game. Or, at least, do as much as I can. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What has been done then?

First, the game. I've compiled it in Win/OS X/Linux versions, because the web version doesn't work yet and I didn't have time left in the 7th day to try and figure out why ;). Anyways, here are the builds....

Game in 7 Days, Day 4: Tracking back

Hey there people!

As usual, had to wait some time for next day of development. Kid's got runny nose, he's coughing, and his teeth are growing. Talk about bad combo for holidays. And I'm down with some flu as well. At least this meant that I don't have to be socially active and finally I get some time in front of the computer http://public.gamedev5.net//p...

Game in 7 Days, Day 3: Guns! Lots of guns!

So, day three was supposed to be... let's see... Weapons, Level Objects, and Tools. Seriously? Heh, I really am one optimistic dude.

Anyways. I've started the day by deciding what weapons do I want. I came up with the following list, that I feel encompasses spirit of Worms the most:

-Rockets (they can be thrown at varying levels of strength, wind has in...

Game in 7 Days, Day 2: Boom boom boom boom!

Day two is done!

Since I had a long day at work yesterday, the coding had to be moved to today. At first, my goal was to make full collision, physics and movement for the character. That proved bit too much to be done in one day. As always when faced by huge wall, I got bummed out and played around with graphics and effects http://public.gamedev5.net//pu...

Game in 7 Days, Day 1: Still alive!

Game in 7 Days, Day 1: Still alive! Holy shit, was it really half a year since I last posted here? Time flew fast.

My son was born (woo!), and I've had no time for absolutely anything at all, no sleep, no rest. Go figure. I have, as always, hanged out on #gamedev on afternet, but didn't code anything at home. These days, I'm finally setting into the role of parent and finally have time to...