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Crawling with ideas

4: Adsense

Never give up. Never surrender.

So... yeah. This is going to be a hard thing to write.It's been long couple months. I was supposed to do many great things, I was supposed to update this blog. I have to come clean: I didn't.Now, I have standard excuses: I was tired, I didn't have time, I had to spend time with my girlfriend and preparing for the kid to be born, I was studying lots of thi...

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Week 1

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Week 1 Week one is done. It wasn't that long, only 3 days really, as on the New Year I wasn't working, due to it being a day off. I had unfortunately bit more things to do than I anticipated - to be precise I had to do coding for my day job over evenings and even on the weekend, but I found some time to write game.The goal for the first week was simple enough: W...

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Intro

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Intro Happy New Year, people!Today is the very first day of development for my 12 Games In 12 Months  project. I have really looked forward to this, but I'm also bit afraid. This year will be really tough, with me working essentially 1.5 shift for the whole period. I need to keep the goal in mind though: Get better at creating games, and prepare to earn some se...

New Year's Project, 12 Games in 12 Months

1) INTRO Hello there. The year is ending, and it's time for a new challenge. I'll be making 12 Games in 12 Months , over the next year. \o/Since I've turned 30 years old couple days ago, and have a kid on the way, it's high time for me to stop loafing around and go for the goal I always aimed at - create awesome games that will be played all over the worl...