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Rendering Systems

Feature Organization, History, Lighting, and Botanical Gardens

Posted by , 07 February 2011 - - - - - - · 393 views

Using SuperNotecard for Feature Organization

A couple of weeks ago I started using SuperNotecard to order and keep track of features for Woody. Notecard is a program designed for writers and plot development but I find it works just as well for keeping track of software features. Using it is simple, you create a card, double click it, then give it a title and description. Cards can be stacked to create a hierarchy and positioned anywhere on the board. It's a great replacement for anyone still sticking note cards to a cork board. It's just $29 and available for Win, Mac, and Linux. You can export projects to XML so I may create an XML to HTML script for that at some point to share features online.

Woody History and Lighting Tool Windows

I'm currently adding a Project History window, similar to Photoshop's History Panel, to both the Leaf Painter and Tree Forge. I've decided to use the history listbox scheme rather than the traditional undo / redo for the simple reason that there is a written history available to the user. The Lighting window is being developed at the same time. This will allow all lighting to be controlled from the main interface, add a few lighting gizmos, and add the ability to save lighting presets. Lighting is going to be greatly improved during 1.1.x development, especially in the Leaf Painter.

Resources at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Christa and I recently made a trip to the Matthaei Conservatory. It was a relief to spend a few hours in a warm and humid environment with all the snow we've been getting. During our visit we received permission to photograph texture resources in the conservatory for commercial applications. We have already used the fields surrounding the gardens for many of the current Woody trees but to be able use the trees inside will add many non native species to the library.

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