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Rendering Systems

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Woody3D Discontinued

I'll just post what I wrote on the woody3d.com website, then I'll explain...

"Woody3D was developed by Neil Kemp at Rendering Systems Inc. as an inexpensive solution for developers to bring fully animated trees and foliage to their applications and engines. Woody3D was discontinued in July 2012....

Woody3D.pause() ShaderMap2.play()


As it stands Woody still requires a couple more months of development to be ready for the next release. I'm really excited about all of the new features in the upcoming release but I've been developing Woody3D for about 3 years. That's a long time for a single developer to work on a project with no...

Roots and "Tree" Hierarchy Control

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Woody3D can create tree roots as shown above. There is a problem however, as it currently uses a very simple hierarchy for branch levels. It does not allow for more than one child per branch. This means you can add roots but not branches. That's a pretty boring tree.


Leaf Meshes vs. Leaf Billboards

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Above is a tree which uses spoke meshes for leaves (used imposter branches for leaves [see wire-frame render in comments]). Below is a tree which uses billboarded quads for leaves.

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I'm thinking that mesh type leaves...

My First SSAO and the BrushUp GUI

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I've spent two days building SSAO with Direct3D. I used the method described in the GameDev.net article A Simple and Practical...

Inside the BrushUp Utility

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One of the new utility apps (BrushUp) I'm developing for Woody3D will allow the artist to scan in a series of leaves in the field and with very little effort convert them to brush maps compatible with the Leaf Painter editor. This entry documents the...

Compound Pinnate Changes

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Just made a change. There are now just two compound leaf types: Palmate and Pinnate. Compound pinnates, such as the one shown above, can be generated using a pinnate type node with pinnate type leaf textures. The result is acceptable. Moving on...

Compound Leaf Progress and New Tool Ideas

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I've made some progress with the procedurally generated compound leaf types in the Leaf Painter editor. There are three basic compound types to paint with: Palmate, Pinnate, and Compound Pinnate. Pinnate types can be made to be odd or even with optionally alternating leaf...

Artists Like the Dark

So I've spent a little while dimming the lights...

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I think it's a big improvement.

Working hard to bring procedurally generated compound leaf types. After that... occlusion shading. If you're...

Woody3D 1.2 Development Begins

Just a quick post to announce that Woody3D 1.2 development is underway. Below is a list of features being added to the SDK.

Leaf Painter – Will be maturing the Painter application nearer its full potential. Adding procedurally generated compound leaves (Compound Paint Tool) for fast drawing of leaf textures. That should also...