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Wrapping up the contest

Posted by , in Community Challenge, Community Challenge Reviews 18 May 2011 - - - - - - · 616 views
development, game, pictures and 3 more...
I did reviews of every single submission, barring a few that wont run or that I couldn't download. You can read them all here.

All in all, my favorite entries are (in order of best ones first):
First place: Bubble Time (by j0mich01)
Second place: Ewe Can't Touch This (by CamJackson)
Third place: MC Hammer Toss (My own entry)

Tunnel Jumper by kiwibonga deserves a mention as well.

Note: These are not the actual order of victors, only my own order of preference.
In fact, at the time of writing this entry (which I will delay the posting of, by 16 hours) I don't even know who won the contest. Only one of the four judges actually posted their reviews so far. Posted Image

Download and play MC Hammer Toss


Overall, I enjoyed the contest, despite it taking place on the worst possible weekend for me. I had alot of fun, especially since I was competing with some very amusing and friendly gentlemen who put up a good fight, but are also very good sports as well.

Also, zer0wolf deserves some thanks for organizing the contest, and the other judges (Wan, swiftcoder, MajorTom) for helping review and judge the games. Posted Image
The contest gave me a refreshing (but enjoyably stressful) break from my current project, AdventureFar, which I had been working on for 8 months or more, and probably have another 5 months to go on that project. Seeing that my 'time management' skills leveled up during the contest (it's now level 2!), hopefully I can apply it to AdventureFar once I resume that (though I intend to take the rest of this week off... I'm tired!).

It also gave me the motivational boost of having completed a finished project. That will hopefully last me the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, I stayed up the final night of the contest, coding straight through the night, and programmed a literal 24 hours straight (from noon on Sunday to noon on Monday, when the contest ended), which is a rite of passage for programmers, and one I can't remember having ever done that before (but I might have). Ah, us romanticist coders types. Posted Image

I think I spammed the GDNet Journals enough during the past 5 days. I posted 17 articles while the contest was going on, and an additional 8 articles reviewing games. I sincerely apologize to everyone's journal posts that I buried during the deluge of the my contest posts! Posted Image Seeing that my next journal post will be at least two weeks from now and I'll be back on my consistent posting schedule of 'few and far between', you don't have to worry that this journaling pace is permanent.

Now excuse me, I need to go play some more Bubble Time. This game is clearly the best of all the entries, by a decent margin. Posted Image

So, uh, so long and thanks for all the fish bubbles hammers enjoyable contest entries!

Done. Finished. Completed.

Posted by , in Community Challenge 16 May 2011 - - - - - - · 548 views

You can download my entry here. The zip download:

If that link doesn't work, maybe this oen will, as a .rar file renamed to .txt:http://www.mediafire...q1811h818svrj2l

Final post before contest ends

Posted by , in Community Challenge 16 May 2011 - - - - - - · 461 views
game, development, pictures and 2 more...
Can't talk, too much work to do. Here's a screenshot instead.
It's the first level, with the instructions chalked onto the floor. Stupid vandals.

Posted Image

Still going...

Posted by , in Community Challenge 16 May 2011 - - - - - - · 496 views

Still going. 8 hours left.

Had one of my brothers record the song. Didn't come out great, but came out better than my attempt. Still worth it for the lulz.

Still haven't made the content I've been meaning to make. A game without content? That'd suck. I better get to it.
I've almost nailed down the player completion of the game though, so I'm just going to quickly wrap that up.

Winding down

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 514 views

Things are getting nearer and nearer to completion. I still haven't made all the content yet, and still lack a few of the obstacles/enemies, but that's not anything that will bring up unexpected challenges. Content creation is just content creation after all.

My code is now laced with "if level is the first one", "if level is the last one", "if the player happens to be at this position". Horrible stuff, but, well, I only have 13 hours left, if I exclude sleep - which it looks like I'll have to do.

Damage is in place, as is player dying. Level boundaries work fine, and the game is completable but doesn't yet trigger 'end of game' (easy to do though). Music and sound is in place, and I'm happy with the way the game is turning out, especially if I can make all the art I'm wanting to make (because it really adds to the game in more ways than just visual appeal).
Still need to write up the read-me, and I have alot of art I still need to make. Then I need to test the game and polish it a bit, and package up for release.

I'm going to take a half hour break to eat, then I'll have to run off somewhere real quick for an hour, but I'll be back to dig into it again after that.

Player dying

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 607 views

Here's a screenshot of the player dying.
I'll very soon have taunts appearing on the screen as well.

Posted Image

The last leg of the journey

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 414 views

18 hours left.

I'm right now searching freesound.org for sound effects, still need to add more enemies but at least damage is working now.
Crystal can die, working on making the player die. Still haven't found a voice actor, but came up with some great lyrics and might just sing it myself. Posted Image

I keep getting delayed for 5-10 minutes at a time because my game runs upward into the negative cartesian coordinates, and I keep on forgetting to convert back and forth from negative to positive numbers. But most of that is done with now! Things are coming together, and the game 'feels' nice. I may have to run a few extra hours into the night to churn out the content I want, because I need to create some special art, but it shouldn't be too absurd. Posted Image

I will have my game tested by siblings in a few hours, once I get the enemies in, to gauge the difficulty. The game will have some good humor in it, just you wait and see.

A couple contestants dropped out (I nearly did myself sometime last night, but I'm glad I didn't now that it's coming together well). Best of luck to those remaining! I think we still have about 10 or so in the running, but only 4 or 5 are letting others know what's going on with their projects, so it's hard to tell.

New screenshot, moving along a bit

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 490 views
game, development, pictures and 2 more...
Made some more progress, time is running out (22 hours left, assuming I don't sleep at all... which is a bad assumption).

I also implemented the ability for the crystal to actually be defeated, but it doesn't yet trigger the end of the game - it should, in about two hours.
Level transitions are working fine. Now all I need is some content to actually put in the levels. Posted Image
The icon in the upper right of the screen is the energy gauge for the player's attacking move, but alas, it doesn't yet hurt anything.

Posted Image

I still need someone to do a voice over/song for me, if they have a microphone.

Urgent request

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 520 views

I need someone who has a decent microphone and a humorous voice to record a song for my Community Challenge entry.
I need it by the end of Sunday, and it doesn't need to be super professional. Posted Image

The song is a Portal 'Still Alive' or 'You Have To Burn The Rope' kind of idea, since those are popular nowadays.
I have a rudimentary set of lyrics I smashed together in 5 minutes, and would welcome your input into those as well.

You can smash it together in about 25 minutes if you like, I'm not picky in this case.Posted Image

If I use the song, I'll give you credit.

Any takers? PM me or respond here (or in the thread) please.

Slightly better looking screenshot

Posted by , in Community Challenge 15 May 2011 - - - - - - · 449 views
game, development, pictures and 2 more...
I made some progress. I'm working on implementing player damage and such.

The aura under the player shows the player's damage, when it's red. When at full health, it's white.

However, at the moment the player is using a powerup which will allow him to break stuff (Internally, it's called the 'BreakingStuff' powerup. Posted Image). It already has recharge and drainage implemented.

The level loading code is done (I decided just to use a image file for convenience), but I don't have that many entities to place yet.

Posted Image

Todo list

Posted by , in Community Challenge 14 May 2011 - - - - - - · 656 views
game, development, progress and 1 more...
Need to run off someplace again, but only for a few hours.

Here's my current todo for today. However far through it I am able to get today, determines how much time I have to add additional content and polish tomorrow.

Step 1:
Setup level loading (lua script) now.

Let player kill crystal.

Step 2:
Give player health.
Make health visible.

Make enemies hurt player.
Make walls, unbreakable walls, and side-boundry (non-hurting) walls.

Let player die. Show taunts on death.
Have game reset properly. Keep track of deaths on top of screen.

Step 3:

Add pausing

Add background additions (details on floor while world is scrolling).

Add enemies like the "fall from ceiling" enemies.

Step 4:

Make the level. Make it in 40 segments that are shuffled and
then loaded in the shuffled order. The first segment is always
a safe one. Not empty, but only a couple simple walls.

Show a progress bar, "Amount through the game"
Show "Farthest point reached so far: Hammer to the crystal"
Show "Last attempt reached: "

Step 5:

Add music and sound effects.

Step 6

Make instruction window and main menu.

Step 7:

Polish gameplay.
Have [...] and [...] test it, and give feedback.


Day 2 begin.... Ready? Go.

Posted by , in Community Challenge 14 May 2011 - - - - - - · 470 views

Right, so I slept in, because I needed the rest (busy day yesterday, aside from the contest). I enjoyed seeing the screenshots of the my sworn enemies fellow contestants in the main forum thread. I'm most interested in seeing how j0mich01's entry turns out.
Today I also only have a few hours before I need to run off somewhere, but no worries, it's only for a few hours, then "I'll be back" as the governator says. Plus, I have almost the entire day open tomorrow, so I can catch up then, and it's all good.

Added in the Crystal, but it's not yet breakable. The level scrolls continually now.

Posted Image

Posted Image

End of day 1

Posted by , in Community Challenge 13 May 2011 - - - - - - · 486 views

Well, I'm heading to bed.

Made some very slight progress, but also due to chronological complications (not having enough time to learn certain things), I'm tweaking the design of my game. Now it'll be more of a top-down scroller, with the hammer flying through it, avoiding obstacles and chasing down the elusive object (probably a crystal) that you "can't touch".
This will help with simplifying the code needed, and hopefully enable me to complete the project on time.
Plus, after putting in more thought, I don't believe my original idea would be much fun, gameplay-wise.

New screenshot

Posted by , in Community Challenge 13 May 2011 - - - - - - · 461 views
pictures, development, game and 2 more...
Back from my event, did some work, progress is slowing slightly, but I'm hoping it'll pick up again soon.

Posted Image

Enemy design and Powerup design

Posted by , in Community Challenge 13 May 2011 - - - - - - · 555 views

Player powerups:

Barrior (kills any object colliding with the player)
- Player has max of 5 seconds. Player can't move while barrior is on.
- Shield is on, draining the player's seconds, until the player releases key.
- Shield recharges at 25% of what it does (1 second takes 4 seconds to charge).

MagnetBlast (pushes back all nearby enemies)
- Player can do this 5 times. Takes 15 seconds to recharge each one.
- If enemy slams into wall with enough force, enemy dies if not unbreakable.

- Player can break walls. Player can do this 5 times. Takes 25 seconds to charge. Lasts 5 seconds.
(WIP - Maybe make this be the player's normal attack?)

- Everything slows down except the player and certain immune enemies, time is slowed while key is held down, player can store up to 5 seconds.


- bool, Enemy immune to time slow
- bool, Enemy goes through walls, enemy collides with walls
- enum, enemy hunts player, enemy wanders until player gets close, enemy follows crystal
- enum, canBreak, invulnerable
- enum, doesDamage, solidWall,


Alright, have to go to an event. I'll be back in 3 to 4 hours and will continue working. Posted Image

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