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Creating custom class templates for QtCreator

The QtCreator IDE provides a set of template projects and template classes, but occasionally the need to create your own arises.

Posted Image

QtCreator stores its templates in this directory:


World atmosphere in games, measuring and categorizing

Three journal posts in three days, after 30 days of silence. I must be on a roll! Except, uh, none of them are about progress on my RPG project. Posted Image

My brother recently observed over the phone that,...

Pixel blend mode algorithms (including 'Overlay')

I didn’t feel like chipping away at my todo list last time I coded, so I decided instead to implement some new graphical features to AdventureFar’s tile engine.Specifically, I wanted to add shadows for any map makers to place on a map. Iended up doing a bit more than that, and added five different ways of blending stuff together, using the same blend...