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New Old Things

4: Adsense

Adventurous Adventure

I'm currently attending yet another C64 game creation competition: Forum64.de's Adventure Competition 2015.

I always wondered how the guys/gals at Lucasfilm Games managed to cram Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken onto a few small disks. So this competition was the perfect opportunity to test drive my ideas.

How they did it

Fortunately today the intern...

The Week of Awesome II - Post Mortem

Post Mortem to "Building Blocks"

So I entered the Week of Awesome II competition last week. I simply love this tight deadline competitions. And I couldn't help it again.
The theme came up as "The Toys are alive". Yay.

Usually I don't jump into coding right away to think about the game to be. And as usual I always go for the nearest idea. It's very...

A C64 Game - Step 99

And of course lots of little bugs were found and fixed http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png -Live number display was off on a new level.-Beams would sometimes not be removed on the final boss-Disable screen output when saving scores (IRQs go nuts if using kernal save routine)-Cleaned up "extro" textHave fun!Previous Step...

A C64 Game - Step 25

Time to spruce up the title screen again.

This time we split the title screen display, upper part will be a bitmap logo, lower path text mode.

Some clarification: The graphic chip of the C64, the VIC II, has some neat features. It displays line per line whatever mode currently is set. This means, with skilled modification...

A C64 game - Step 24

What use are highscores if they aren't saved?

With this step highscores are saved and loaded from your previously used medium (tape or disk). On startup the currently used medium is stored, save and load is done via bog standard kernal routines.

The additions for this are rather miniscule. Both save and load...

A C64 game - Step 23

Highscore display is all nice and dandy, but we want to see our score and name in there! So this step adds name entry. For this we rely on the Kernal (it's with 'a' on the C64) functions to read the pressed keys from the keyboard.

Adding to the score moving we find the spot for the name, shift all lower score names down and let the player...

A C64 game - Step 22

The title screen looks somewhat empty, doesn't it? Well, let's fill it with highscores! Lazy as I am I'm storing the highscore scores and names in two separate texts which are simply displayed with the common display routine.

After Game Over we check for a new spot. If we manage to enter the list all lower entries are moved down. For now...

A C64 game - Step 21

Now some more tidbits. A game is not complete without a neat title screen:

For now this is nothing more than a almost empty screen and a separate control loop. The loop simply waits for a button press and then jumps to the game main loop. Once the player lost all lives he is returned to the title loop.

Note that for both cases we also check if the button...

A C64 game - Step 20

More refinement, this time with more impact on the gameplay. For one, the shotgun needs to be reloaded (stand still) and the collected items now also have an effect. Namely a new bullet slot and invincibility.

Adding the reload part is done with the following code piece. If the joystick is not moved and the player isn't...

A C64 game - Step 17

Another rather small step, but visually pleasing. We're enhancing the player sprite with animation and better jump abilities.

All the hard work is added to PlayerControl. On every movement we update the sprite while checking the player states like jumping, recoil, falling, etc. Suddenly things look more interesting ;)

It's basically updating and...