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Ninja GD

Setting up some targets.

Posted by , in Flash Game Dev 26 February 2011 - - - - - - · 441 views
Flash, Shooting, shooter, Target and 2 more...
I have begun work on a small flash game called Sure Shot. Its nothing complex or innovating, just a game where you shoot targets.

My initial motivation was for the BlackBerry Promo at FlashGameLicense.com , in which if you submit an okay game to the black berry store, the first 150 people with decent submissions will get a free blackberry playbook. Unforuntately the process is a bit more tedious and annoying than originally expected, and than in other promo's at FGL. You have to get a notary and email/fax it to them, you have to sign up for like 2-3 things, you have to download and install like 3 programs/sdk's then you have to configure your development environment to work properly.

I'm also skimming on other errors/problems/obstacles in the process, so its seeming less and less worth it. Also, although it was waived for this promo i think, normally theirs like a 200$ administration fee for signing up for the store.

Ill post some screenshots later when i polish up some graphics.

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