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jMonkey Business

Monkey says hello - There is no secret agenda

Posted by , in General 05 February 2011 - - - - - - · 720 views
introduction, greeting, agenda
Greetings fellow GameDev'ers,

We've made many appearances here before, but today I'd like to reintroduce the jMonkeyEngine project in the form of this developer journal. For those unfamiliar with us we've set up a nice and easy introduction that explains what we're all about and how we came to be. In short though, we're developing an open source 3D game engine entirely in Java.

As promised, here's our agenda, fully exposed:

This journal will mainly import selected blogposts from jmonkeyengine.org. The kind of content that merits an import is determined by its general appeal; if we've written about something that any game developer might enjoy, up it goes. We don't know for sure yet what we'll throw at this space, but expect some moderately useful banter on topics like open source, graphics programming and game development practices.

I sincerely hope many of you will find this journal worth your while. Expect fresh posts shortly!