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Link: About open source games, teams and how to join them

Posted by , in External 08 February 2011 - - - - - - · 919 views
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OpenSource.com just published this article, written by yours truly: Open source games: It's a team effort

A lot of it is based on my experience with a game that I tried to do together with Kirill Vainer, the lead developer of jMonkeyEngine 3. Some GDnet oldtimers (well now, it's only a couple years ago) might remember "Radakan". Funnily enough, this game was in part the beginning of jME3, and I might write about just that and other benefits of open source game development in an upcoming article.

Last fun fact: This article was based on a answer I previously typed up over at gamedev.stackexchange.com:
Where to look and begin with open source game projects
It came to mind a while after just as a random pop-up in a conversation with the jMonkey team, and I realized an article could be made of it. I'm sure several others could do the same with some of their more memorable rants over the past few years, am I right?