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Adobe Tools and Services for Flash Games

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(From the Flash Gaming Summit)

Adobe Tools and Services for Flash Games

Renaun Erickson and Danielle Deibler, Adobe

Big update on the Open Screen project. Lots of platform and technology partners.

RIM and Motorola are publicly showing support for AIR, and the iPhone packager is based on AIR, so AIR is the preferred mobile package solution for Flash.

Flash 10.1 is scheduled to officially ship in "First half of 2010", and that's all they'll say.

Android, Windows Mobile, Windows, Linux, Palm WebOS, Mac OS, Blackberry, and Symbian will all have Flash runtimes (presumably 10.1, as many of those already have Flash).

"Crystal Golf Solitaire" was demo-ed on the Nexus-1. The Nexus-1 clearly has more processing power than the Palm Pre.

Mutitouch, accelerometer, screen orientation, medialibrary, geolocation, cut/copy/paste, native text input

The iPhone packager is an open source cross-compiler (LLVM) which is used to compile SWF to ARM instructions. It can also pull in other external resources to bundle into your iPhone executable.

Flash Platform Services - developer services for Flash developers, all in one place.

Collaboration between desktop Flash clients and mobile devices is fairly seamless.

Adobe supports "AIR Marketplace", which handles distribution and monetization of AIR games.

The AIR Marketplace looks a bit like the app store. Games can ship as time-limited demos and are paid for once the limit expires.

To check out the marketplace services, check out http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplatform/services

Developer Revenue Share is 70%

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