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The importance of a good, “Read This”

4: Adsense

In which words are written and you read them.

I have started titling my journal entries now that they matter. Previous entries (now renamed for relevance) were titled Entry 1, Entry 2, … Very Prussian.

So here we are and you've decided you liked this title and clicked on it. Great! Come in. Have a candy. Like something to drink? Good. Okay so here's my January thus far.

New Woody Website

For new readers, I'm developing Woody3D, a procedurally generated tree rendering system. I've spent a lot of time over the last 20 days redrawing and rewriting the Woody website. Behold the finished: http://woody3d.com/features/

It's greatly simplified from its previous incarnation and better displays the content. Also you don't have to go through 'like' 5 layers of security to get to the forums so... yeah it's better.

Speaking of Content

Want to see how Woody3D works? The Evaluation C++ source code and shaders are now available for download. I've really only left out the leaf animation functions. Also the full Tree Model Library with project files and brushes can be downloaded for free. So... that's better too.

The License is Easier Now

It's a no royalties license for most users. If a product that uses Woody grosses over 250K then an additional one time fee is paid. Read more at http://woody3d.com/license/

Using Gamedev.Net's New Features

Wow a photo of me. I'll have to update it when the sun comes back to Michigan. I've created a Woody gallery as well. My next integrational step is to get some friends...


Jan 27 2011 07:38 AM
Really love the screenshots!
Jan 27 2011 07:46 AM
Yeah, those screenshots look great!
Jan 27 2011 04:14 PM
Nice to see a concurrent to SpeedTREE which is not "50,000$ per seat for one product" :) I hope it will sell well in the indy realm !

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