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I just bought GDNet+, again. (screenshot heavy)

C# cel shading fugitive .NET 3D game
4: Adsense

Well it's been five years since I've had a subscription here, and I felt the urge to purchase one :]. I am now 19 years old, and I work full time as a .Net software developer. I am now working on a game engine programmed primarily in C# (a language which I love, btw). I will probably post a more lengthy descriptive post about the project in the near future, but as a summary..

Fugitive Game Engine:

  • Internal Filesystem
  • Load-screen free zone system
  • Zone specific atmosphere settings
  • Custom Event Driven UI System
  • Hierarchical Entity Format
  • World, Entity, and UI Editors (Unified Program)
  • Procedural landscape generation
  • Game states
  • In game date/time system (scalable)
  • Various other small features
But enough about me, screenshots incoming!

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Jan 30 2011 03:36 PM
Nice graphic style!
Jan 31 2011 08:28 AM
Love the cell shading, it looks really good.
Jan 31 2011 06:55 PM
Hey, thanks guys. I appreciate it!
Feb 03 2011 03:56 AM
Welcome back! Looks great; I'm looking forward to checking in on your progress.
Feb 03 2011 07:40 PM
Hey thanks Donny, long time man. I've been following your journal too. Looks like you've got some good stuff going :]

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