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  1. Ideas for armour sets & jetpacks Mito Horvat

    I made a couple of different concept sketches for the armor sets that I mentioned in the previous blog post. From simple wooden planks tied on the player to welded metal plates that form a strong looking armor. Below you can see some of the examples (arms, legs and helmet).

    arms legs head armour floatlands

    sketches for arms, legs and head armour

    This week I mainly focused on the player jetpack. I created various jetpacks that would fit into the game, and then create 3 different “skin” types that will include particle effects individual to each “skin”, and added modular pieces so they will differ from each other.

    jetpacks sketches lowpoly floatlands

    jetpack variations

    Armour sets Andrej Krebs

    After we got settled into the new offices and extended the weekend, I started preparing the gear and outfit models for the player’s 3rd person model. Mito prepared some sketches for me and I modeled wooden and junk metal armour sets so far. The armour sets are made as separate items the player will be able to equip: Head gear, body armour and leg armour. The jet pack will also be an item that will be equipped. The armour sets will also get more models as skins for the players to collect and wear proudly.

    armour sets lowpoly floatlands

    armour sets

    Drone destruction tadej vranesic floatlands

    This week was all about the way enemy drones react when they get hit by a bullet. Running away manouver really gives them a life-like feel. Another cool little quirk we added was, how drones fall apart when they are destroyed. The connections between parent/children parts are being disabled and a small “invisible” explosion is created, so that parts fall away from that destroyed position.

    drone destruction lowpoly floatlands

    drone destruction

    Logic Gate system vili ikona

    Lately I’ve been improving the Logic Gate system. I wish to make event-driven logic simulation, and it’s quite a hard thing to do. Why did I decide to do this? Because current implementation of logic gate simulation is really bad and I doubt people will be able to play with complicated logic. Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures yet, but I can explain a little bit about the base components of current state though:

    • Pin – can be input, output or bidirectional
    • Connection – connects two pins
    • Element – element consists of many pins, can think and update state
    • Event – events are raised on changes, then processed when it’s time
    • ProcessingSystem – this system holds all those components and processes events

    The hardest part so far has been building a correct simulation. A simulation that can be modified in real time – adding and removing elements, connecting elements, or pressing hubs on switch.

    Recording voices for NPCs chris icon

    Currently we are recording and reviewing different ways of incorporating voices for our NPC’s. When it comes to speech, we will not record out every single line, but we will try to bring reactions and emotions across. I have build a homemade vocal booth that will serve for recording the voices and sound-FX.

    voc floatlands

    Sound-FX will be partly recorded and partly created with synthesizers. For recording sounds we will switch between an instrument microphone (SM75) and a condenser microphone (NT1A).

    instmic floatlands

    Singal processing is important. Every recording will be enhanced and amplified. You can’t go anywhere without a Pre-Amp and my weapon of choice is a Golden Age Pre 73 MKIII.

    preamp floatlands

    Further sound processing will be done with plug-ins that I will demonstrate on a later update.

    More about Floatlands: website, facebook, twitter, instagram

  2. Hi. To be honest, but the game design for me has always been something unique and interesting. My path of game development first started with programming. After I began to draw, in order to be universal, but later, I discovered the game design and that was for me, on a pedestal favorite direction. Today I would like to touch on the types of players, why they play the games and pleasures of games.



    Be brief and clear. In our nature there are 4 types of players: explorers, killers, sociable and those who like committed to something. 

    Crooks. This type of players are focused more on the quick passing game. It does not matter the study and details in the game. 
    Killer. These guys love to destroy everything and kill everybody. Just put them in the tank, tell them where it is necessary to blow - trust me, they will not leave anything alive there.
    Sociable. They love socializing, but most of all they love online games where can someone make friends, work in team and to tell you the recipe for a delicious mother's cookies. 
    Researchers. How do you think, what you like to do this group of players? I also think that they are exploring every path in the game where you can collect all achievements. 

    Every time you create a game, ask yourself the question: "what kind of player I do my game? Is it possible to combine these types of players in my game, changed some part of it?"




    Incidentally, with regard to online games. Why do you think people play online games? First, they like competition, will compete to get to the top and gain respect. Secondly, people like to work in a team. Personally I play team games and more hours spent in team modes rather than in single. I love this mode. Thirdly, people play online games in order to meet and chat with friends, spend time with them online and meeting them to have constant, friendly contact.

    As you know, men play more games than girls. Their main game is the first 20 years. Action and aesthetics - their element. From 20 to 30 years, men are already playing something more calm and tactical, where you do not need a lot of push on the joystick, but need to think. And about men from 30-35 years to play in something calm, for example in genres "I'm search" and "Farm".

    But women, as a rule, begin actively playing with for 30 years. More women in the world, but I don't like the game. But often after 30 years of playing farm frenzy.





    Identify the main fun of the players: 

    Fantasy. We love to feel part of another world, which could be anyone. 
    Plot. Sometimes the plot can cause a pleasant sense of his sudden change of events, a dramatic denouement and linearity. 
    Partnership. Teamwork is enjoyable. 
    Discovery. The opening of the new - is the main game fun. 
    Expression. Everyone loves to brag about. 
    Obedience. Cool when you can control others.
    Feeling. When you realize that step the expected event, then the waiting becomes a pleasure. 
    The gloating. When you killed your enemy, it's nice. 
    Gifts. We love to receive gifts? 
    Humor. No comment. 
    Choice. To go left or right? I have a choice?
    Fulfilled goal. We love to reach goals and to feel pride because of this.
    Surprise. We love to be surprised. The Japanese are masters at it. 
    Fear. We love to be frightened and to feel the shaking. This is an interesting kind of fun that we both and hate. 
    A miracle. When we are strongly of something was surprised and experienced a wild delight from something. 
    A tough win. That moment, when initially there was little chance to win, but you win.


    So when making a game, think of the fun highlights of your game and how much to add. My name is Flatingo and I love to make games. If you also like to make games, welcome to my YouTube channel. Good luck in your projects.


    About the game

    Aliens from the Sky is an arena based shooter, where you as an alien need to destroy the human castle, avoid the mage spells and upgrade your ship.

    What went well

    • Game in a playable state.

    • Effects and details that adds up to the overall user experience.

    • Flexible design that allowed to cut some features without compromising gameplay.

    • Implemented at least 3 upgrades.

    • Both themes (Alien invasion, Castle) seems to work well.

    What went wrong

    • Spend the first 2 days mostly designing, had several ideas but all were out of scope.

    • No main menu.

    • Wanted and still want to do pixel art instead of vector art.

    • Music and sound effects could be better.

    • End game scene needs a lot of polish.

    • Had to cut difficulty levels and just focus on one.


    When designing I was thinking only on themes instead of mechanics, which led to projects out of scope. And I should work look for teams to work with.

    Overall I’m happy with the results, hopefully I’ll participate next year.

  4. title.thumb.png.a49110f89b2638cd8677a5c3d5a19e85.png

    This is another fairly short update. Beta testing is now ready. I am having issues getting an account setup with AlphaBetaGamer so I will have to do this manually. If your interested in testing the game shoot me an email at or contact me through my website and let me know which build you would like Android, Windows x64, or Mac . Not sure what kind of response I'll be getting so I may not be able to give access to everyone. I'm hoping to have 40 to 60 people test this out for me. I will respond to requests as fast as I possibly can. The beta builds will only work for a limited time.

  5. Hi guys! We've finally set the release date for Rock of Ages 2; August 28, which is just around the corner! Check out our latest "Rockin' Trailer" to get a preview of what we've been working on all these last months. 

    The title will release for $14.99 and as a bonus we're throwing a free 'Binding of Isaac' themed pack for all purchases made the first 4 weeks from release (huge thanks to the awesome guys at Nicalis/Edmund McMillen).

    The game will be available for purchase on the 28th. We'll also introduce a few purchasing options for people that already own RoA1 (get OST and 'Classic Pack' for free!).

    Enjoy the new trailer and make sure to share the news with your friends!

    And check out a brand-new RoA2 website! There's more information and details about the game, pricing/bundles and other media.



    What is Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder?

    Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder is a game that improves on all aspects of the original. Up to 4 players can battle in crazy boulder mayhem. New impressive art periods, more historical characters and the funniest story clips we've ever made. All rendered with highly improved destruction / physics and effects - powered by our first Unreal Engine 4 game.

    Follow ACE Team:

  6. In this daily blog (and video)-series I take a first impressions look at the best mobile games that I come by. Be sure to share your favorite mobile game with the rest of us in the comments below!

    Combat Monsters is a rather hardcore strategy card-game played on a hex-grid with both singleplayer and multiplayer with a bunch of play-modes (async pvp, real-time pvp, co-op and more!). 

    While the game isn't being updated anymore, it includes over 2600 cards to collect and mix into unique decks, and feels like a rather complete game. It isn't visually as appealing as some other card games, but the gameplay is rather unique and the game runs smoothly.

    My main frustration with the game is the UI, which takes a while to get used to. 

    My thoughts on Combat Monsters:

    Google Play:

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  7. So just got online when I noticed a few emails asking me how I got so many physic objects working in Unity.

    The answer to that is nothing special. On average there should only be a 1000 physics objects on screen. The physics is also a lot more strict on making objects sleep.

    The way this is done is the same most AAA games work with art. In a AAA game it isn't rare to have a static duplicate of a skinned mesh. As a example take the players gun, often the gun will be a skinned mesh, playing it's firing animation while the player presses fire.

    However skinned meshes have an extra cost just to be in a game, so because exporting the static model only takes a click of a button and the code for swapping them is very fast you can just change your animated model into a static model. Some engines even turns a animated into a static when it's done with the animation.


    So in Project Castle I did what most games would do with a destructible wall. First I made a object using physic blocks, then I took there meshes and generated a new mesh. The blocks are disabled and the new mesh is displayed. When any object that can hit it is near the static mesh is swapped for the rigid bodies.


    Now at this point of the blog I thought I would share the code, although @Avalander says my new build still doesn't working so I realized I could just upload the Unity pack. Everything, except Unity, was made by me for this game so you can use it as is.

    Import the Unity pack as a custom pack. The layer for shooting is "Water" because the Unity pack doesn't export layers. Space key will swap physics for static meshes, causes a kind of freeze time effect.


    I would like criticism on my code if anyone has time for it.



  8. Welcome to another dev blog of Hell Warders, this is Godboy!! Yes, it is me again...

    Last week, we were busy with the exhibition in Hong Kong. We had a booth with a trailer showing and two game trial station. It was fun to talk with the players face to face and listen to their comments. It lasted for four days. It was fun to step out of our office and do something different! We will be joining more and more competitions and exhibition in coming future! Let us know if you would like us to join some of your events!

    After the exhibition, we are now back on working the major update. Lots of scene updates, balancing, character designs, tons of stuff need to improve. 







  9. New video featuring last week of work, getting more views with every new video :



    Please, give me some comments to improve.


    Thanks !

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    Recent Entries

    Greetings everyone!

    I finally managed to put together complete system that will be used as a backbone of my new game. The game itself is supposed to be a mix of Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers in 2d, maybe with some added influences from other games. I'll get back to this later, when gameplay is more fleshed out. Right now what the game needs is: orbital physics of planetary system, large deformable terrains with rigid body simulation and transitions between those two.

    tl;dr; There is a video.

    Orbital physics

    This part was relatively easy. I choose simulated n-body system over fixed orbits with patched conic approximation. It's simple to write and supports all phenomena like Lagrange points. My system uses Verlet integration with fixed time step (64s) for planets and adaptive time step for small entities (artificial satellites, asteroids). The only drawback here is that plotting trajectories requires to know positions of all planets ahead of time, so it's best to evaluate whole system many steps to the future and just playback current position from history. (You can see these in video when debug drawing is enabled)

    Planetary physics

    I modeled planet's surface as linear space located around planet radius, with wrapping around when traveling sideways. Since I want my planets big (not real live big, not even KSP big, but still), each one is split into spaces that span around 4km.


    Those spaces are all linear and centered around origin. Rigid bodies can move from one to another, can have joints across spaces, but will never collide or interact in any way.


    Of course the problem is when some body wants to leave one space and enter another. We could simply teleport whole rigid body, but it would miss some collisions.


    My solution is to clone whole body at new location and link them with teleport joint. It's similar to fixed joint, but maintains relative offset. (don't forget to split mass in half between two bodies)


    In order for this to work, you need two bounding rectangles: tight and fat. When tight intersects space boundary clone body (2). Destroy cloned body only if fat stops intersecting boundary (4).


    For all this to work I made some changes to Box2D library, you can find my fork on github.

    Stitching it together

    Moving from planet surface space to orbital space is using simple teleportation with conversion from local space coordinates to global orbital one. I sill have some quirks to iron out, but hey, you can fly to the moon!

  10. Day 5 - 7 & Beyond!


    Link to a google drive folder of our game:


    Helter Skelter


    What a busy few days...

    We missed a few days of blog posts as we were too busy getting things to work and couldn't pull ourselves away. So i'm going to try to cover everything that happened along the way as best I can.


    After day 4 the panic was starting to set in, we still had so much to do and the clock didn't wait for us. I was stuck trying to learn and build a working third person controller while Moofle was busy with getting interactable barrels to work. Those would be used by the AI to knock them down and slow you if you were chasing them.


    At this point I was busy trying to get ground collision and walking to work. I made this work using raycasts to check how far the player was from the ground. The raycast was from the character's origin straight down with an extra variable in place so that we could change the height of the character to account for different model sizes. if that raycast failed I had 4 more in each cardinal direction so that the character could be on the edge and not fall off, making them more than just a single point. there are still places where this could fail with weird terrain but that's an acceptable constraint for the time being. if they were on the ground then using a state manager they would have an idle state and be set as on the ground. if there was forward input from the player (w key) then that would set them to moving and the animation controller would transition them to walking.

    Now if they aren't on the ground I set them to inAir and start a counter to check their airtime (used later to drive the type of animation when they land, could alternatively save the position they were at and then when they land and calculate the distance which could also be used for fall damage, however this doesn't account for jumping.) while they're in the air I turn off jumping ( could be tweaked to allow air/double jumps). At first I used horizontal input from the A & D keys to drive their rotation however due to the camera we created to drive the player's rotation based on the camera's view made things a little complicated. Ideally I would have the player control the rotation with the camera and then strafe with the directional keys. however this wouldn't work for all game types so I might do away with this in the future if it doesn't work well.

    Next I added running which is driven by the shift key. The shift key drives the forward velocity and the animation state changes to running when the forward input is greater than the walking magnitude. within the controller I setup a blend tree to handle running in either direction. Due to animation limitations and not wanting the character to slide I implemented a limit to the amount in degrees that you could turn while running, If you exceeded it then the character would stop and make the turn. This doesn't feel great with the fast paced nature of the chase, so it's first on my list of things to fix.

    After running I implemented a state change to go from running to idle, with a small animation that has them slowing down before stopping, this looks way better than going from running to 0 in 1 frame. Alternatively I could just transition them back to walking before going to Idle but I think that will take too long in the animation phase and look weird, but stuff to experiment with after.

    Next I worked with jumping and falling. jumping has an addVelocity function attached to it which I can tweak in the inspector. Along with this I do a check using the position of the feet to see which leg is in front and then mirroring the jump animation to make the transition a little more natural.

    the in air state is basically and opposite of on ground and while it's doing that it has a counter, if it's greater than a threshold then it will play one of two animations. One for falling normally from a great height and the second if the player is inputting for the character to move then it will do a roll when it lands which they can transition to walking and then running. I might implement one for running after the roll in the future if I get a good animation.

    That's the basic functionality done. most of that was done in day 5 and some in day.


    While I was going crazy with the movement controller Moofle was busy figuring out raycasts for clicking on objects to interact with them in some way. He started with barrels, whcih when clicked would send them flying in the opposite direction from the player, think of this as the player running up to a barrel and kicking it. This took a while to setup mostly because he didn't want to do it the quick hacky way and wanted to make it easier to add interaction to other objects without having to write a script for each type of object. this worked well until there were more than one object of the type in the scene it would send the first one flying. After some fiddling and brainstorming we got that to work in the intended manner. Next he worked on a castle portcullis that would open and close with a little animation when clicked on (ideally it would be a lever close to it that would drive this) this took a little longer as he learnt about animation controllers and animating in unity as well as needing to alter one of the models as they portcullis was attached to it. It was quite an experience but I think he learnt a lot. We also configured it to work with the navmesh as an obstacle so when it's closed the AI would know they couldn't go through it.


    Day 6

    Day 6 was more environment building for me as well as adding things to my movement controller and getting the model and animations setup correctly. Moofle on the other hand worked on some more interactables, one an informant that would let you know where your target is on your minimap and the other that goes up to them and slows them down, or stops them if their paranoia is low enough.


    The next thing I added was walking on an incline. Using more raycasts and math to check the angle of the surface you are walking on, if it's not too steep then the character would be able to go up or down them, albeit more slowly and with a specific animation. This worked well but didn't look that great when you stopped as the other animations didn't work so well with inclines. This will be fixed when I add foot IK into the mix.

    I had some available time (not really but I went for it anyway because it was cool) I worked on adding vaulting over thin enough objects, that way if there was a fence they could just hop over it. This was done with - you guessed it - more ray casts. There is already one sent outward to check for obstacles, now I added one higher up that would go forward to the max vaulting range and then cast downward, if it doesn't hit the ground then it's too thick otherwise it's ok for vaulting. There's also a check for the angle so that if you're running next to it or at a steep angle you won't just vault over it. I had to fiddle quite a while to make the animations work nicely, I have one for walking and another for running.


    Learning from my work Moofle implemented raycasts to check if the informant or agent can see the player and if they in range then they would do what they're supposed to. This works really well and we have some cool agents that would go up and stop or slow the target down for the time we set and others that would follow the players position if they in range and can see them then they would be displayed on your minimap. I'm making it sound easier than it was, it took quite a while to make everything work and look great and work together without breaking the game, he did a good job.


    Day 7


    The final day hit and we still had a mountain to climb infront of us.

    I finished up enough of the level and got the navmesh to play nicely. Moofle set up all the waypoints for the AI to go to. Next was a few hours of merging our different parts and making sure we got rid of game breaking bugs. it took longer than we thought and was filled with frustration. But we got things to work together for the most part. The last thing was driving the target's paranoia and setting it to full when the player is in range and the AI sees them for long enough ( a second or two)

    In the end we didn't manage to use the portcullis and there was still much of the level that was unfinished.

    Unfortunately we didn't have time to add a kill assassination sequence in it for when you reach the player and we were also having trouble with the win condition of touching the target. So for now when you get close to the player you win the game and it quits. Not quite what we wanted but it's somewhat functional.

    We rushed to get everything done and built and then submitted.


    It was late we were exhausted but we did it for the most part...

    It was a great experience and we will definitely be doing it again! We both learnt so much and we now have a list of what not to do when doing a game jam. But for our first one we're both quite happy with the work we did an what we got out of it.


    From here on we're going to keep working on the controller and probably the AI too to get a much more functioning and fun game.

    Thanks to everyone that got this far and joined us on our adventure!!

  11. Similar to the recent updates we made to the Google IAP plugin to help combat “App Not Responding” (ANR) reports in the Google Play console, we have released an updated Facebook v4a plugin to reduce the incidence of ANR errors. Here’s what you need to know…

    Why a new updated plugin?

    The last revision of the Facebook plugin begins initialization when you first require() it, and it does not return to the calling module until initialization is complete. On Android devices, this may appear (to Google) that the application isn’t responding, thus generating an ANR report.

    To solve this, we have made the new Facebook v4a plugin asynchronous. The new process involves starting the initialization when you require the plugin, plus a new facebook.init() API to register a listener to be called when the initialization process completes.

    Using the new plugin

    To use the new plugin version, you need to do four things:

    1. Change your build.settings code to use the new plugin. Simply change "plugin.facebook.v4" to "plugin.facebook.v4a".
    2. Change any Lua file that requires the plugin to use the new plugin. Simply change require("plugin.facebook.v4") to require("plugin.facebook.v4a").
    3. Make sure you’re using Corona version 2017.3068 or later (2017.3068 is the most recent public release at the time of this writing).
    4. Following the first time you require() the plugin, likely within main.lua, add a call to facebook.init().

    New initialization API

    Since the new Facebook v4a plugin is asynchronous, you need to know when initialization is actually complete. Calling the new facebook.init() API gives you a chance to define a specific function which will be called when initialization completes. Once that function receives the "fbinit" event, you can safely call other Facebook API calls like facebook.publishInstall() or facebook.login() (although you should probably defer asking the player to log in until a point in your game which makes sense).

    The listener function referenced in facebook.init() will also be used for other Facebook API calls to handle "fbconnect" events. Because of this, you only need to call facebook.setFBConnectListener() if you wish to use a different function to process your "fbconnect" events. See the integration documentation for more information and examples.


    While this update only truly affects Android builds, you should follow similar behavior for iOS builds to maximize cross-platform compatibility. ANRs can be a silent error that you may never know about, so we strongly encourage you to update to the Facebook v4a plugin, especially if you have an active Android user base.

    View the full article

  12. Hey guys!

    From the 22nd - 26th of august, The Whaler will have its own booth at gamescom in cologne, Germany.

    I (Tommy) will be there presenting the game and ready to answer any questions you might have, so if you have any plans of going there, please come by and say hi!

    20525384 10159126988255297 83515


    We also have the brochure ready for Gamescom as well, if you do not get to go, you can have a look at the brochure here! If you want a better resolution uploaded, let me know and I will take care of it.



    The webpage has also been launched, this is how it looks now until we have a full launch of the page sometime next year, but for now you can go to and sign up for the newsletter, closed beta and some radical giveaways!



    Other then that, development is going ahead at full whale and pretty soon I will show you guys were we are at.

    Hope you had a great weekend, talk soon!




  13. WOA - 5

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    hey guys, so here is the final day... Me and Anomaly didnt had  a lot of time but still managed to complete the game. This last day was stressfull... For the last two days we didnt had much time so done mostly nothing. Today we started to work from the middle of the day and finished like 20 minutes until the deadline. xD

    The game looks kinda bad because the level was done in the last 4 hours and we didnt really had time to check all the mechanics. We had some traps made but didnt managed to implement them, After finishing this game we come to  the conclusion about the people who says that unity is bad engine(the games that they know  probably  looks like ours).

    But all in all we are satisfied with that we made in the time that we had. If the time will let we will probably participate and on another year.

    So thats all. :D


  14. IYP
    Latest Entry

    So today our artists finished the art, we applied it, finished the menu, save and polished out stuff, then did a little optimization and the rest (the last 3 hours that only I was awake of the whole team) I spent on debugging. This year we had 2 artist and I really thank them for the amazing art they did, loved it XD. So no videos for today, if you wanna play it though here is the link:

    One thing I'm interested in is to see how people solve the puzzles and how fast they can finish the levels, and what their max score are, so any one who plays the game, I'd appreciate if they could take the time to share some feed backs or a video (which will be awesome).

    Tomorrow I'll post a review on our work on WoA, and few days later, I will send my solutions for the levels XD. Good luck to every one xD

    Also we have 3 minor bugs I dare the judges to find xD

  15. While I have made a lot of progress, I ultimately had to decide not to enter the project.

    As I'd feared, time got a little out of control.

    There's too much stuff left to wrap up before the deadline (and I'm already losing sleep).  I don't want to enter something that doesn't feel like a proper game experience.  The poor judges have to play it, after all!


    If I'd started on time, I might've had something vaguely passable by now, but I only realized the Week of Awesome had started after the first 2 days passed...

    I'm still rather surprised by how quickly I managed to implement what I made so far, and how quickly it started to feel fun when the knights started swinging and the particle systems came into play.


    I did promise screenshots, so here are some knights on a backdrop of rather crude "castle-themed" art (and Unity's default skybox...):




    Not sure if I'll end up using them for anything, but we'll see.  They're not technically animated; they just bob up and down 1 voxel at a time, and their arms are separate game objects that pivot at the shoulder to chop down with their weapon.


    I'd wanted to try a project similar to this one for a while (3D, over-the-shoulder shooter with no up/down aiming, just straight shooting, and an arcade-y style), and the fire under my ass caused by a tight deadline really got me iterating on it quickly.


    While I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't put out something to be judged and played, I did learn and stretch my game dev muscles a lot.  There's always next year, after all!

    I look forward to seeing what everyone created, and good luck to all the participants!

  16. It's not enough to carry a weapon on hand, or swing with valor. A survivor will need to know their opponents well, and they'll need to know how to live off the land and scavenge for resources.

    Sharklets may look adorable, but the energy from the rift has morphed their genetics and they no longer survive only in water. Up close they attack swiftly with powerful jaws. Try to flee and they will belly slide after you with great tenacity.

    Despite a derpy appearance, the Shamaleon has a variety of defense mechanisms. From afar it belches poisonous bubbles. Up close, it attacks with a spiked horn and a tail lash.

    Slimes have adapted to using camouflage. They disguise themselves as plants or rocks until their prey gets nearby. Use caution when traveling in lush areas, as they pull the leaves inside and immediately attack.

    Deadwood's are a multi threat enemy. Get up close and they will hammer into the ground, destroying targets in close proximity. From afar they cast nature magic, and can snare their prey.

    There are a variety of rumors circulating the Knobolds. They travel in groups, each wearing a different rank of masks. Where you find one, more or surely nearby. They attack up close, with range, or with magic. There is safety in numbers and they will surely outnumber you.


    Knowledge is part of the battle, but it is not all of it. You will need to live off the land. Most everyone uses water buckets or watering cans to maintain their crops, but for some reason you are attuned to the Mists Shard. It has unlimited watering capacity, and can be enhanced to water larger fields. Don't mind the face the cloud makes when summoned. It always feels better after "draining the tank."

    When all of these options have been utilized, be sure to gather resources to hold one last advantage. Every so often Seed and Feed sends packages airmail to customers in other towns. Every so often one of those packages floats over town. Perhaps befriending someone will lead to the ability to "borrow" a few of those packages. It is life and death afterall.




  17. This is the final day of the competition. I have unfortunately not finished my game but I still made a submit so that you can try what is done. You can download the game If you want to follow me for this game, here's my twitter account: Finally, here are the credits of my images and music:

    - The character was made by a friend of mine.

    - Charset was made with Game Character Hub.

    - The gui is a pack that I buy at this address :

    - The spaceship and background come from : 

    - The ennemy ships come from packs on unity asset store.

    - All my music come from : or

  18. ArThor
    Latest Entry

    Had a last minute rush to get some content in. Hopefully it will run on the judges machines or its all for nothing! Tons of things left out & bugs but never mind.


    Absolutely knackered now will probably do another post later.

  19. It's the weekend, and that means another edition of the Village Monsters Dev Diary Digest (VMD3)

    There is now less than a month to go until the version I'm working on releases for you all to play with. This'll mark the very first Alpha version that I make public, and I'm pretty excited about it.

    September is shaping up to be quite the month, and it's not just the Alpha release; stay tuned for more information on that very soon

    A Day at the Beach

    Due to the nature of the game it's not often that I get to create a new area, so it was a real nice change of pace to work on one this week.

    Introducing...the beach.


    The beach is just a short walk away from the village - just head south from the gate and keep going until you reach the surf.


    Though you or I would consider such a trip to be a nice day out, it seems that monsters haven't really taken to the human notion of spending the day in the sun and sand. Unless there's a special event going on you're likely to find the area to be largely empty.

    Still, you'll probably enjoy the solitude. You can catch fish, work on your tan, and nosh on some whoopie pies in peace.


    Ancient Ruins of Soon

    Longtime followers of the game know that I often try to slip in as many 'meta' elements as I can. After all, this is a game in which the conceit is that the NPCs have taken it over and the digital barrier between our worlds is thinner than ever - I'm hoping it gives me some artistic liberty

    Alongside beaches I added another new area to visit, though this one won't make it to the final game. It's called the Ancient Ruins of Soon, and it's an area you can visit to consult stone tablets on prophecy...

    image.png.e76d063049e85a598b9ce6cf9d36bdcd.png other words? You can view my plans on future features and changes from the game instead of going to my website or elsewhere. 

    I tried to split it up by category, so if you want to know what the future holds for hobbies or story or your house then you can view just that information.

    Even More UI Changes

    This marks the 2nd week in a row in which UI changes made it to the top of my priority list. Here's a sampling of what I worked on this time.

    Notifications have been slightly resized and now rotate so that the newest is always displayed at the bottom


    Meeting villagers for the first time now produces a notification


    The inventory now has context-sensitive prompts depending on the mode or item


    Finally, I did an initial pass on an in-game version of the world map. 


    Ok, that'll do it for this week. Hope you're enjoying these dog days of summer, because I'm definitely not. I hate the heat. Autumn can't come fast enough!

    Until next time



  20. So I'm pretty tired at this point, but I managed to add more things than I had originally hoped at the start of the day. So I created a list for them.

    - SDL2.dll fix
    pysdl2 couldn't find the SDL2.dll on Windows 7, even though it worked fine on Windows 8 and 10. So I helped the searching a bit.

    - Story intro
    When you start in the cabin, there's a little bit of text being played that describes the alien invasion. It also tells the player the controls.

    - Items!
    This is the biggest feature added today. You now have an inventory and can use food items both outside and inside battle.

    - Mushrooms
    Speaking of food items, there are now brown mushrooms hidden in the maps that will give you a consumable mushroom item. Just don't take too many okay?

    - The magic baseball bat
    Harris will now start with an attack power of 1. Which is pretty wimpy. So I've added a new area to the north that contains a baseball bat that will increase the attack power by 1 and will also unlock the shockwaves needed to defeat some enemies.

    - Recon droid
    The alien gunners are a bit too hard when starting with an attack power of 1. So I created these guys which are handy for leveling up with.

    - Floating cube
    This is a new enemy in the cliffs map. It can only be damaged by shockwaves and will revive any fallen alien gunners.

    - UFO fight improved
    Speaking of reviving, this is what the UFO can do now too. Which is a good thing because it needs level 2 shockwaves for it to go down.

    Anyway, that's it for me. I'll do a post-mortem later, in a couple or days or so.

    Download link:

    Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel, X to open the inventory.


  21. Silviu Stancioiu
    Latest Entry

    Day 7! What a wonderful week!


    Today we tried to finish the game. We haven't implemented anything special, just bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. 

    Here's the game:!K40gGKyC!k-nuSvEdhKluAhznQvr3RFEC70ErwcXyjoxHF7QvNiU

    After I write this entry, I'll post the package on the site.

    Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and following the development of our game during this week!

  22. Greetings and Salutations.

    I can't think of anything that justifies the risk to add at this stage, So end of day seven for me.


    I spent the day mostly adding polish, Which includes: Laser pointers for the turrets, No ammo sound, Low health sound, Changed the colour on each alternative entry in the credits.
    I thought I solved the performance issue (which was some kinda base static light pass, Which I could find no info on :( ), It runs faster in the editor tho.
    The AI(FrogMen) is a bit iffy, They should shoot or melee you on sight.
    Yet they don't most of the time, But the work well when they do.
    There is a text field in the options menu you can use to execute any UE4 console command, I have included a file "CVars.txt" with some graphics related commands.
    You may want to drop the quality setting down to medium, I had to for the game to hit 60 FPS.
    This has been fun, I look forward to playing the other entries.
    I may even do a review of them.
    Dang, I forgot to credit @riuthamusfor his asset pack (Sorry @riuthamus).
    Link to my entry: Here
    Title: Invasion of Planet Frog
    And the picture:
    Thats all for now,
    Thanks for reading.
  23. Play it! | View on GitHub

    Now that I am slightly recovered after the Week of Awesome, I want to share my thoughts about what went well and what I have learned after this experience. A quite important part of my project was to experiment with functional reactive programming in games, and I promised to share some reflections about it afterwards. I'm going to talk about that in the second part of the post-mortem, which I expect to publish early next week.

    What was great

    Community support and feedback

    The absolutely best thing about participating in this contest was all the encouragement and feedback I got from the community. Big thanks to everybody who took the time to play my game, read my blog entries, post feedback and encouraging comments, and even find and report bugs!

    My game would have been a lot worse without that feedback. Many people suggested features I hadn't thought of or I had dismissed earlier because I didn't think they were that important. The ability to move to the left and better control of the landing position when jumping are clear examples of this. It was also really motivating to see every day people playing the game and posting new feedback.

    Browser game

    I think that going down the browser route was a good idea after all. The cool thing about the browser is that everybody has one. Distributing your game is so easy: no installation or configuration required, and everybody can play it regardless of operative system or installed runtimes. I could upload the game to my VPS since day one, update it often, and have people trying it out, which was great and I think that it made a difference in the amount of feedback I received.

    What I would do differently

    Have a level editor

    The game I delivered is inexcusably short. Once I had the basic mechanics going, it would have been really easy to add more and longer levels. The only reason holding me back was that I didn't have any visual tool to create and edit them. I created the only level in the game by manually editing a JSON file. As you can imagine, that was a tedious job and I decided to invest the little time I had in solving other stuff. Not having a level editor also prevented me from iterating the level and making sure it was fun and challenging enough.

    Next time, I will make sure to have a visual tool to create levels and maps at hand before the contest starts.

    Test the delivery format early

    When I set off to make a browser game, I set up a local development web server to serve the file and recompile and reload the changes quickly. I knew that I would end up delivering an index.html file with a .js bundle and that the judges would load that file from the file system instead of a web server. That should make no difference, right? Wrong! Turns out that Chrome, among other browsers, doesn't allow AJAX requests when loading a file directly from the file system. And guess how the rendering library I used loads spritesheets? Exactly: AJAX calls.

    I should have tested running the game from the file system since day one. Instead, I only tried it when I was about to upload the final submission. If I had known about the AJAX issue earlier, I could have written my own resource loader, or bundled the game with electron. Instead, by the time I noticed the issue, I didn't have the time nor the energy to do something about it.

    Even though the game can still be run locally with Firefox, I provided a python script to run it on a local web server, and some judges didn't mind playing it on my VPS, my developer soul still hurts because I wasn't able to deliver software that runs with a single click.


    This community is awesome. I got far more interest and feedback than I expected. I liked the experience of making a browser game, even though at the end it wasn't as smooth as I thought, and I definitely need to get a level/map editor next time.

    If you are interested in reading my musings about using functional reactive style in games, stay tuned  for the second part of the post-mortem.

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    Few days ago we have published Bob's steam page. It is quite popular, and lots of people is subscribing to wishlist.

    Take a look for more details about game, and dont forget to subsrcibe as well if you like it:

    Ok, some advertising for today is done, and now im going back to level polishing :D